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Steering Committee: Feb 19, 2020

Wednesday Feb 19th, 2020

In Attendance: Dayna Rossi, Abanti Tagore, Laura Grennan, Lillian Duda, Augustina Ampofo, George Foussias, Janet Durbin, Aristotle Voineskos, Alexia Jaouich

Regrets: Sanjeev Sockalingam, Sarah Bromley


  • Send Laura recruitment update for next FAC – Abanti completed

  • Buy laptop and security for Sudbury – Laura

  • Update Laura after call with Sudbury team – Dayna

  • Connect with North Bay re: REDCap referral link question – Dayna

  • Send out REDCap survey of potential topics for the April flex sessions to clinicians - Abanti

  • Send over fidelity reports to Abanti for next Steering Committee – Janet



  • CAMH REB amendment submitted to offer Amazon gift card as option for participant reimbursement and some additional small fixes; site REB submissions to follow after CAMH approval

  • Sarah is working with legal at CAMH to formalize a psychiatry support contract with Thunder Bay; will be reviewed by Slaight team once finalized

  • Krista has notified that laptop has been delivered to Niagara, we will follow up with them if there is any further support required

Advisory Committees

  • FAC & YAC will be discussing topics to contribute to newsletter at upcoming meetings


  • Next FAC meeting is on February 20th, 2020 – Dr. Voineskos will be attending

  • New FAC members joining from Durham and Waterloo this week! We have members from all research sites except Sudbury


  • Next YAC meeting is on March 6th, 2020 – Dr. Foussias will be attending

  • Ongoing: YAC looking for interested youth to be referred from sites, and will be sending out a message through EPION mailing list; currently there are only members from Niagara and Toronto on the YAC

Patient Measures

  • First family member scheduled for research today! Second member to be scheduled

  • Durham participant (completed baseline) is no longer continuing EPI services – how to proceed?

  • Inclusion criteria: participants need to be receiving NAVIGATE and if they are not then technically they are not eligible for the research

  • Proceed normally as is for now until we hear back from their clinic that they are fully discharged and not getting NAV

  • EPI-SET dedicated laptop at CAMH has been set up for data collection - thank you George!

  • CAMH IT will be coming down to our testing rooms to see if we can set up our laptops with the Ethernet cable for research visits

  • Contacted North Bay and Durham re: setting up research laptop with an Ethernet cord instead of wifi

  • Discussions on REDCap Referral link - first appointment date question from North Bay

  • Dayna to find out from sites exactly what the challenges are with this question

  • From what we understand, date of admission to clinic should be static info in EMRs

  • Important for data analysis purposes, first time that they are receiving NAVIGATE e.g. if they’re 9 months into treatment then our first assessment shouldn’t be considered a baseline session

  • For recruitment reports, we should report the following 4 items:

  • Approaches: # of clients asked about research by site clinicians, regardless of yes or no

  • Referrals: # of clients that have said “yes” to be contacted for research when asked by clinician

  • Consented: # of participants who have completed informed consents

  • Baseline Completed: # of participants who have completed all baselines assessments

  • at least SCID, BPRS, QLS


  • Post-training call site attendance update:

  • Prescriber call had representation from North Bay only

  • Director call had representation from Waterloo and North Bay

  • IRT call had good representation from all sites

  • Family call rescheduled due to scheduling conflict with trainer

  • SEE Workers from all sites to have call with SCEIs SEE clinicians on March 9that 11am

  • All the roles will eventually have calls set up pending availability from CAMH and sites

  • Drop-in sessions with SCEI clinicians to begin once post-training calls end on an as needed basis

  • Sudbury and Waterloo have begun soft launches of NAVIGATE and will be fully implemented soon at which point they will begin research portion

  • Following the Sudbury site visit, the team indicated that they needed IT infrastructure and other resources before they can begin patient recruitment


  • Next ECHO session is Tuesday, February 25th on the topic of CBT Basics

  • Didactic presenter is Faye Doell – Sarah is coordinating with her

  • Case presenter is Kerri Bennet from Niagara; case already received

  • ECHO site attendance & survey completion update

  • Prescribers: NB consistently on all calls, TB on since Oct, WW prescriber attended once

  • All other roles have been consistently attending all calls

  • Survey completion - Aug: 50%, Sept: 18%, Oct: 42%, Nov: 20%, Jan: 48%

  • At first ECHO planning meeting for next cycle we discussed logistics, curating new curriculum for second cycle, discussions on quantitative and qualitative spoke feedback, CME accreditation

  • Potential topics for flex session: Peer Support Role in NAVIGATE, Psychosis & Developmental Issues, Substance Induced Psychosis: Cannabis, Role Playing session with different roles and complex cases

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