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Project Team: January 11, 2023

Attendance: Carol Maxwell, Dayna Rossi, Diana Urajnik, Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Michael Weyman, Josette Morin, Brooke Magel, Marleine Saliba, Quincy Vaz, Nitha Vincent, Rabia Zaheer, Sarah Bromley, Jolene Felsbourg-Linton, Aristotle Voineskos, Tracy Graham, Lillian Duda, John Riley, Sara Traore, Kerri Nagy, Augustina Ampofo, Janet Durbin, Sandy Brooks, George Foussias, Nikki Kozloff, Catherine Dupuis Tonkovic, Emily Panzarella


  • Remind clinicians to complete site readiness surveys! – Site Leads

  • Check in with Catherine for TCPS-2 – Jolene

  • Check out new updates made to the “Trainings” section of the website

  • Discuss details of pairing original FEPS-FS with new version of FEPS-FS adapted to NAVIGATE – George/Janet

  • Check in with family members who have been in your program for at least 12 months about interest in taking part in an interview – Josette/Kim/Jolene

  • Send recruitment blurb for family qualitative interviews to Josette, Kim, and Jolene – Nitha

  • Circulate Niagara newspaper article that one of our FAC members participated in to discuss EPI program – Emily


  • REB: TCPS-2

  • Sudbury is wondering if we can remove Catherine Dupuis-Tonkovic’s name from our protocol and consent forms as she is experiencing technical issues with completing TCPS-2. Jolene is the site lead and already listed on the documents. TCPS-2 must be completed by all individuals listed in REB documents

  • This would require an amendment (which can take several months) and re-consenting all participants again (burdensome)

  • Decision: Jolene will connect with Catherine to see if she can complete this. RAs are available for support and Augustina has also offered to support the completion of the certificate.

  • Website Updates

  • The trainings tab on the website has undergone several revisions, see here:

  • Password: NavigateON

Site Lead Updates


  • No updates

North Bay

  • More in-person appointments have been taking place in the clinic

  • Clinicians are working on outreach initiatives and promoting their services, as referrals have been lower than usual recently

  • Overall, NAVIGATE delivery has been going really well


  • 1 clinician left the program and 1 is off sick, so staffing has been challenging

  • All work is now fully in-person and home visits are back in place (since the summer)

  • Connecting with Thunder Bay to join their upcoming family group sessions


  • 2 new staff are starting; coordinating with Michael for on-boarding tasks

  • More consults for prescribers

Thunder Bay

  • Increase in the number of referrals and intakes; currently has a waitlist

  • Training local peers to offer peer support to clients

  • Looking into ways to travel to remote communities for individuals in need of their services

  • Starting a family group at the end of January (Sudbury will be included)

Implementation & Fidelity – PSSP

  • Dayna has returned from her maternity leave! She will be re-assuming her role as Project Manager. Michael will remain on the project in a Knowledge Translation role as Jeff is no longer at CAMH.

  • Implementation – Continuing to support onboarding new staff for Sudbury and Waterloo

  • Fidelity – The team has met with every site to discuss results; upcoming meetings with site leads to discuss NAVIGATE delivery metrics

  • Readiness surveys sent out in December and 50% of responses received. The survey will stay open for a few more weeks – site leads to encourage clinicians to complete this! Ideally, the team would like at least 10 more clinician responses.

  • Preliminary evaluation shows a range of perspectives.

  • FEPS-FS Update

  • A new version of the FEPS has been developed for NAVIGATE specifically. For EPI-SET, we are using the original FEPS. The developers are asking if our team would be interesting in adapting the updated FEPS for our study (i.e., involved in the validation of the scale)

  • Janet and George to discuss further in regards to pairing the original and adapted FEPS

General ECHO

  • Next session: January 13th, 2023

  • Didactic: IRT | Presenters: Thunder Bay

Prescriber ECHO

  • Next session: January 26th, 2022 Presentation: Mood Stabilizer Side Effects by Dr. Chloe Leon


  • Recruitment has started for the qualitative interview piece of the project! We are waiting to receive clinician names from Waterloo-Wellington and Sudbury before beginning with the interviews across all sites.

  • Goal: Interview 4 clinicians per site (from a wide range of roles)

Family and Youth Qualitative Interviews (FYQI)