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Project Team: February 1, 2023

Updated: Apr 18

Attendance: Kerri Nagy, Diana Urajnik, Michael Weyman, Augustina Ampofo, Sandy Brooks, Dayna Rossi, John Riley, Kiran Jassal, Jolene Felsbourg-Linton, Carol Maxwell, Brooke Magel, Monica Choi, Aristotle Voineskos, Sara Traore, Nitha Vincent, Rakshi Kathuria, Lillian Duda, Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Nicole Kozloff, Melanie Barwick, Claudia Sendanyoye, Jill Shakespeare


  • Schedule additional Prescriber ECHO sessions – Nitha


  • Website updates

  • Digitized patient-facing IRT modules are live on Moodle! This work was supported by funding from the Toor family.

  • In order to access the clinician- and patient-facing materials, clinicians must complete the Bipolar Disorder e-learning

  • If you run into any tech issues, contact one of the RAs or

Site Lead Updates


  • Fully staffed

  • Focusing on community outreach right now

  • Kerri participated in a guest lecture at Brock University!

  • Currently working with local family practitioners to get them familiarized and on-board with LAI for clients

  • Continuing to receive some inappropriate referrals, which are time-consuming to work around. Some of these referrals even come directly from family practitioners – the only way to really know whether a referral is appropriate is after a prescriber sees them

North Bay

  • More in-person appointments have been taking place in the clinic

  • Clinicians are working on outreach initiatives and promoting their services, as referrals have been lower than usual recently

  • Overall, NAVIGATE delivery has been going really well


  • Collaborating with Thunder Bay on family education virtual groups

  • Team is working with Dayna on some refresher trainings for clinicians

  • In the past, Sudbury experienced backlog with screening. Currently, they have 2 staff dedicated to screening for all programs and they are responsible for taking out referrals that don’t quite fit before they even come through to EPI clinicians


  • SEE clinician recently resigned so the clinic will be looking to hire a new SEE worker

  • New intake worker has joined the team

Thunder Bay

  • Family groups are going really well

  • Taking a look at the intake process and gaps identified from the fidelity results

  • Partnering with Indigenous organizations that travels within remote communities

Feedback For Inappropriate Referrals:

  • Sites have the same intake criteria but may each interpret them a bit differently depending on resources

  • At CAMH, a team of 4 huddle 3x a week to review referrals (physician, clinician, manager, and clinic admin) - meet for 15 minutes each time.

Implementation & Fidelity – PSSP

  • Traditional implementation is minimal across sites with exception of Sudbury right now

  • New clinicians are being on-boarded by PSSP on an as-need basis

  • The new Sudbury team is working closely with Jolene and PSSP to build a coaching plan and capacity building given the smaller team size

  • Mentorship and collaboration going forward as next steps

  • Focusing on telling the story from BL to T1, identify gaps (fidelity)

General ECHO

  • Next session: February 10th, 2023

  • Didactic: SEE | Case Presentation: Sudbury

Prescriber ECHO

  • Should we schedule more sessions? Good turn out last time.

  • Answer: Yes, keep the frequency at once every 2 months.


Family and Youth Qualitative Interviews (FYQI)

  • Analysis has started

  • Rabia has had some really fruitful discussions with participants so far

  • Aiming to interview 10 family members in total

  • In Sudbury, 1 family member declined because they have been asked to participate in too many things regarding NAVIGATE. Thoughts?