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Project Team: February 1, 2023

Updated: Apr 18, 2023

Attendance: Kerri Nagy, Diana Urajnik, Michael Weyman, Augustina Ampofo, Sandy Brooks, Dayna Rossi, John Riley, Kiran Jassal, Jolene Felsbourg-Linton, Carol Maxwell, Brooke Magel, Monica Choi, Aristotle Voineskos, Sara Traore, Nitha Vincent, Rakshi Kathuria, Lillian Duda, Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Nicole Kozloff, Melanie Barwick, Claudia Sendanyoye, Jill Shakespeare


  • Schedule additional Prescriber ECHO sessions – Nitha


  • Website updates

    • Digitized patient-facing IRT modules are live on Moodle! This work was supported by funding from the Toor family.

      • In order to access the clinician- and patient-facing materials, clinicians must complete the Bipolar Disorder e-learning

      • If you run into any tech issues, contact one of the RAs or

Site Lead Updates


  • Fully staffed

  • Focusing on community outreach right now

  • Kerri participated in a guest lecture at Brock University!

  • Currently working with local family practitioners to get them familiarized and on-board with LAI for clients

  • Continuing to receive some inappropriate referrals, which are time-consuming to work around. Some of these referrals even come directly from family practitioners – the only way to really know whether a referral is appropriate is after a prescriber sees them

North Bay

  • More in-person appointments have been taking place in the clinic

  • Clinicians are working on outreach initiatives and promoting their services, as referrals have been lower than usual recently

  • Overall, NAVIGATE delivery has been going really well


  • Collaborating with Thunder Bay on family education virtual groups

  • Team is working with Dayna on some refresher trainings for clinicians

  • In the past, Sudbury experienced backlog with screening. Currently, they have 2 staff dedicated to screening for all programs and they are responsible for taking out referrals that don’t quite fit before they even come through to EPI clinicians


  • SEE clinician recently resigned so the clinic will be looking to hire a new SEE worker

  • New intake worker has joined the team

Thunder Bay

  • Family groups are going really well

  • Taking a look at the intake process and gaps identified from the fidelity results

  • Partnering with Indigenous organizations that travels within remote communities

Feedback For Inappropriate Referrals:

  • Sites have the same intake criteria but may each interpret them a bit differently depending on resources

  • At CAMH, a team of 4 huddle 3x a week to review referrals (physician, clinician, manager, and clinic admin) - meet for 15 minutes each time.

Implementation & Fidelity – PSSP

  • Traditional implementation is minimal across sites with exception of Sudbury right now

  • New clinicians are being on-boarded by PSSP on an as-need basis

  • The new Sudbury team is working closely with Jolene and PSSP to build a coaching plan and capacity building given the smaller team size

  • Mentorship and collaboration going forward as next steps

  • Focusing on telling the story from BL to T1, identify gaps (fidelity)

General ECHO

  • Next session: February 10th, 2023

  • Didactic: SEE | Case Presentation: Sudbury

Prescriber ECHO

  • Should we schedule more sessions? Good turn out last time.

    • Answer: Yes, keep the frequency at once every 2 months.


Family and Youth Qualitative Interviews (FYQI)

  • Analysis has started

  • Rabia has had some really fruitful discussions with participants so far

  • Aiming to interview 10 family members in total

  • In Sudbury, 1 family member declined because they have been asked to participate in too many things regarding NAVIGATE. Thoughts?

    • RAs often follow up several times with family members to complete surveys as part of the main study, which is why it may seem like there is a large ask from those who participate

    • RAs should keep in mind timing for families and always reiterate that their participation is voluntary

      • RAs continue to offer flexible options to support family members in completing surveys

Patient Measures and Outcomes

* Durham numbers are from Jan 2020 to Jun 2022

Recruitment and Retention

  • Baseline: 100 participants | 6-month: 77 participants | 12-month:S 52 participants | 18-month: 40 participants | 24-month: 29 participants

  • 81 participants currently enrolled

Family Advisory Committee

  • Sandy and Janet will be attending upcoming meeting on February 9th, 2023

  • PFLS video series on the move! List of video ideas have been compiled.

  • Recruiting for Thunder Bay and Waterloo family members

  • Putting together a tips sheet on why family education is important, what worked well, what didn’t work well, barriers. This can be used as we begin to onboard new sites and train new FE clinicians

Youth Advisory Committee

  • Next meeting: February 24th, 2023 (Sandy and Janet also attending)

  • Presentation for Northeast team taking place on February 23rd, 2023

  • Augustina spoke with Pauline Chan about EPI and NAVIGATE

  • Look into Canadian Collaborative Mental Health Conference in Vancouver, abstracts are due Feb 13th

    • Theme is on integration research to practice

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