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Project Team: April 5, 2023

Attendance: Kerri Nagy, Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Jolene Felsbourg-Linton, Diana Urajnik, Brooke Magel, John Riley, Linda Dang, Marleine Saliba, George Foussias, Augustina Ampofo, Nitha Vincent, Josette Morin, Kiran Jassal, Rakshi Kathuria, Rabia Zaheer, Sarah Bromley, Kelly Smirle, Victoria Villanueva, Carol Maxwell, Emily Panzarella

Annual Meeting Updates

  • The RA team is in the process of booking flights for the attendees who require them

  • Hotels have been confirmed

    • Drake Hotel – 30 rooms

    • Hotel X – 14 rooms (Niagara and CoE will stay here)

  • We will be catering breakfast from Out of this World Café and lunch from Cumbrae’s

  • The auditorium is booked and will be theatre-style rather than roundtable

Booster Training Updates

  • Managers will join site leads for their session

  • We have 10 virtual attendees across every single role

    • Should we have a separate session for virtual attendees or place virtual attendees with their role like last year?

      • Kerri supports a session for virtual attendees – they can focus on team dynamics

      • Jolene is more in favour of having virtual attendees participate in role-specific sessions

      • Sites will ask staff joining virtually about their thoughts and share back with the RAs at the meeting in a few weeks

  • Should we group nurses together rather than separating into IRT/prescriber room?

    • Kim would like this; if not, her nurses will go in the prescriber room because they mostly do metabolic/physical health monitoring

    • Josette would like a nurse room for Julie; if not, she would do IRT or FE

    • Kerri is flexible

    • RAs to discuss with Monica/Sanjeev about how NAVIGATE would be integrated in a nurse room

  • Site leads to let the RAs know if there are any clinicians interested in facilitating!

Site Lead Updates


  • No urgent updates

  • Still offering virtual care but offers in-person first


  • Still encountering staffing challenges – turnover, extended sick leave, etc.

  • Hiring a new staff; also losing a staff member

North Bay

  • Clinicians share that clients have been unwell lately. Exploring what factors may be contributing

  • More in-person visits taking place

  • Dr. Primeau’s office is now much closer to North Bay clinic, which creates more opportunities for clients to connect in-person

  • New manager Kelly Smirle has joined the team!

General ECHO

  • Next session: April 14, 2023

  • Case Presentation: North Bay | Didactic: Side Effects & Discontinuation (Dr. Omair Husain)


  • Qualitative interviews were completed. Thank you to all staff who participated!

  • Audio files sent to transcriptionist and data will be shared at the annual meeting

Prescriber ECHO

  • Next session to be scheduled for May

Family and Youth Qualitative Interviews (FYQI)

  • The team is working on the manuscript.

Patient Measures Updates

* Durham numbers are from Jan 2020 to Jun 2022

Recruitment and Retention

  • Baseline: 100 participants | 6-month: 78 participants | 12-month: 55 participants | 18-month: 42 participants | 24-month: 32 participants

  • 81 participants currently enrolled

Family Advisory Committee

  • Next meeting: April 13, 2023

Youth Advisory Committee

  • Next meeting: April 28, 2023

    • Sophie will attend to discuss methodologies for manuscript

    • George will attend to share patient data for SIRS/annual meeting

  • At the last meeting, Janet and Sandy shared fidelity results. YAC shared that they didn’t like that only CBT was offered (why not DBT, EFT, art therapy, etc.)

    • This mirrors what was heard in the qualitative interviews with youth. Many youth focused on alternative forms of therapy and how they were essential to recovery

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