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Project Team: March 2, 2022

Attendance: Ashlee Bramwell, Carol Maxwell, Dielle Miranda, Brooke Magel, Lauren Caruana, Mark Tysick, Michael Weyman, Shreya Mahajan, Kerri Nagy, Griffin, Elaine Stasiulus, Aristotle Voineskos, Sandy Brooks, Augustina Ampofo, Janet Durbin, Jeff Rocca, Josette Morin, Nikki Kozloff, Nicolle Plante-Dupuis, Nitha Vincent, Tallan, Sara Traore, Lillian Duda, Monica Choi, Sophie Soklaridis, Sheeba Narrikuzhy, Rakshi Kathuria, Anne-Marie Baker Devost, Lauren DeFreitas, George Foussias, Emily Panzarella


  • Check out Griffin’s “Tell My Story” via link hereEveryone

  • Check out Victoria’s “Tell My Story” (audio file attached to email) – Everyone

  • Create a timeline graphic to outline activities over the next year – EPI-SET RAs

  • Schedule biweekly transition meetings with Anne-Marie and incoming site lead – Michael/EPI-SET RAs

  • Add new prescriber at Sudbury to the Prescriber ECHO Group – Nitha

  • Reach out to Sheeba regarding upcoming fidelity review at Durham – Janet

  • Keep an eye out for Patient Recruitment Poster to share with clients –All Site Leads

Administrative / Upcoming

  • The most recent REB amendment has been approved! Changes/updates:

  • The ECHO Qualitative Interview has been added and approved

  • Patient measures eligibility criteria – we can now recruit clients for research who have been in services within 2 years instead of <1 year

  • We can now text reminders to family participants about completing their surveys

  • Staff readiness survey has been revised

  • Patient Recruitment Flyer

  • We developed a recruitment flyer about 1 year ago with the help of the YAC, and will be re-distributing it across sites to hang up in their clinic and share with clients to describe what research is

  • Contracts have been sent to all sites, with the end date as March 2025 (aligned with CIHR end date)

  • The team is looking to plan a booster session over the next few months and an annual meeting around June – still formalizing, details are to come

Site Lead Updates


  • No new updates since last Project Team Meeting


  • The team is short by 1 OT, position has been posted and will try to fill ASAP

North Bay

  • Appointments are being done both in-person and virtually

  • Admissions have been a bit lower

  • Amanda will be away until March 21st – until then, it will only be Julie taking care of things


  • Joseph has returned from redeployment, Peter is still redeployed

  • Last Monday, the hospital reached its peak for COVID-19-related admissions (the highest it’s ever been)

  • Anne-Marie’s last day is April 29th and will be passing everything over to replacement by April 19th

  • Meeting with Michael on March 2nd to begin transition process discussions

  • Michael and EPI-SET RAs to schedule 3 biweekly meetings over the next 6 weeks with Anne-Marie and incoming replacement

  • Meeting 1: EPI-SET study and the organization of the project (Aristotle and George to attend as well if available)

  • Meeting 2: NAVIGATE content

  • Meeting 3: Team structure and other outstanding questions/concerns

Thunder Bay

  • Lots of referrals have come through recently and the drive to recruit clients for research is being kept in mind

  • Clinician meetings are happening regularly

  • 1 FAC member will be speaking at the upcoming BIPOC roundtable with Carol

Implementation & Fidelity – PSSP

  • The team will be moving forward with the upcoming assessments

  • Waterloo and Niagara will be reviewed in March

  • Sudbury and North Bay will be reviewed in April

  • Janet will be reaching out to Sheeba regarding timing for Durham assessment

  • The readiness survey will be sent out within the next few weeks – just fixing a few REDCap issues

  • Michael will be meeting with Anne-Marie to discuss transition and onboarding process

ECHO Update

General ECHO

  • Next session: March 4th, 2022

  • Didactic: IRT Part 2

  • Will address some of the implementation challenges expressed by clinicians

  • Will discuss some of the new resources developed by the education team, as well as additional resources that are being developed (and where to access them)

  • No case presentation

Prescriber ECHO