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Project Team Meeting: September 2, 2020


•Invite Melanie Barwick to next Implementation Call with Site Leads – Andrea/Dayna

•Follow-up with Sandy and Janet regarding Quality Improvement feedback – Augustina/Lillian


Intro & Administrative / Study Progress Updates

•Amendments to incorporate COVID measures in participant research visits have been approved by all sites except Durham.

•Will be meeting with Durham’s REB chair in a few weeks to discuss the amendment

•A different set of amendments regarding the CFIR Qualitative Interviews with clinicians are pending approvals from sites

o Obtained verbal approval from North Bay, waiting on written approval

o Brannon and Dielle will be following-up with the site ethics contacts

•Contract was sent to Thunder Bay and is being finalized, Tiffany will forward contract to Carol

Implementation - NAVIGATE Delivery


•The clinical team met with Sandy and Janet on Monday to finish reviewing the Fidelity report

•Incorporated feedback from report into documentation; will be ensure documentation has same headers as Fidelity report so that information can be found more efficiently for future assessments

•Also discussed Core Components and how to capture information, will be discussing with staff at next team meeting

•In addition to weekly team meetings, Sheila touches base with each staff member every 6 weeks

•Staff turnover, currently making adjustments: Gorete retired, so hired a new RN that started today; Sarde will be doing IRT full-time; and Jeff will become the intake clinician. The intake clinician role includes a lot of case management, so have decided to rotate this role yearly.

•6 week Family groups will be starting every 2 weeks, led by Alison (IRT) and a family worker

o All info from NAVIGATE binder has been adapted for powerpoint

•Case loads are still large, with each clinician having about 30 clients

•Clinicians are engaging clients through virtual care and seeing clients in their backyards, going for walks

Thunder Bay

•The team is excited to get started on research recruitment, currently working through contracts.

•Implementation launch date is aimed at early October

•Working with each role to establish care pathways – the prescriber has already worked with PSSP to develop care pathway

•Focusing on documentation and how to incorporate requirements into data system

•Family group has a 4-5 series starting in September

•Currently meeting with clients and families virtually through OTN, looking to have some come into clinic

•SEE staff are meeting with clients in community to do walks/physical activity

•Virtual groups are offered 2x per week

o One group is focused on behavioural activation/recovery

o Other group is a wellness group for family and clients, with an education and exercise component


•3 clients have been referred to research

•Having Dielle and Abanti attend weekly team meetings has been working well, and is a great visual reminder to refer

•Staff are getting more comfortable with NAVIGATE material

•Good progress made with the chart extraction with Sandy


•Chart extraction for Fidelity assessment has been completed and sent to Sandy, and have discussed strengths and gaps of program to improve going forward

•Staffing: RN is leaving until the end of January, a posting for the position went up today for the Family Education role

•The RN gave feedback about the role, expressing that managing case load and delivering family component can be overwhelming. So looking at how we can meet standards while considering our capacity as a small team.

North Bay

•One client completed their 6-month research visit yesterday, experienced some issues with WebEx but worked it out

•Case load is currently at 27 – some will be discharged soon, including a client that will be referred back to Durham.

•Many clients are preferring virtual visits; currently have option of telephone, OTN or in-person

•Fidelity presentation meeting was well-received by staff

Qualitative Interviews with Clinicians

Purpose: The purpose of these interviews is to understand barriers/success pathways to implementation from a local context, clinicians’ experiences implementing NAVIGATE

•Conducted by Dr. Melanie Barwick, a scientist at UofT and expert in the field of Implementation Science

•We will invite Melanie to the next Implementation Call that includes site leads so that a clear plan can be established, questions answered


•Aim to begin by end of October

•Each interview takes approx. 45 minutes