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Project Team Meeting: November 6, 2019

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Wednesday November 6th, 2019

In Attendance: Andrea, Laura, Dielle, Sheila, Diana, Nicolle, Jen, Simone, Lauren, Coulson, Dayna, Ed, Mary H., Al C., Suzanne, Josette, Augustina, Jeff, Lillian, Sandy, Janet, Sara T., Nicole K, George F, Anne-Marie, Krista


  • Obtain Dr. Primeau’s signature on REB amendments and annual renewal – Josette/Erin

  • Send EPION presentation slides to Laura and Dielle by Nov 13th – presenters

  • Accept the Annual Meeting calendar invite by November 8th – all

  • Submit Waterloo ethics revisions – Laura/Dielle

  • Attend pre-training webinars next week, ask Dayna for any questions – All sites

  • Schedule time for Simone, Dielle, Andrea and Laura to create SOP on recruiting FAC members in the next week – Dielle

  • Send finalized safety SOP, Referral SOP and REDCap referral link to Dayna by end of week – Abanti

  • Reach out to Anne-Marie and PSSP regarding IT needs early next week - Dielle

  • Accept email invite for Annual Project Meeting (if attending) by end of week – All sites

  • Send email reminder for EPION slides on November 11th – Dielle




  • Currently working on REB revisions for all sites:

  • Waterloo protocol has been submitted

  • Sudbury protocol is being reviewed

  • Niagara and Durham amendments have gone out.

  • Revised contracts sent to all sites, waiting for any further comments


  • Tuesday November 19th from 8:30-10am at the Chelsea Hotel, Toronto.

  • Discussing how things are going at current sites and introducing new teams; a chance for everyone to meet face to face and build rapport and morale

  • The agenda has been sent out via email, please accept by end of week

  • The research team will be reaching out individually confirm attendance if not done.


  • A revised schedule with a breakdown of presenters and times has been sent out and on the EPISET portal.

  • November 19th, presenting abstracts from 3-4pm

  • November 20th, presenting from 11am-12pm

  • Slides for the YAC/FAC portion are currently being edited by Lillian.

  • All presentation slides need to be sent to the research team by November 13th so they can be forwarded in one file to EPION.


Waterloo: staff are working on pre-training requirements.

  • Al presented to the internal CMHA ethicist and privacy officer about EPI-SET and NAVIGATE; they are satisfied with the project

Niagara: Krista is currently working with Sanda re: the Acesss database

  • 3 new staff are preparing for training, and currently hiring a peer support person

Sudbury: all clinicians have completed the pre-training requirements.

  • Clinicians provided good feedback on the IRT webinar and are looking forward to the in-person training.

  • Looking forward to having a French translation due to volume of Francophone clients

  • Currently seeking to hire a client and family representative

  • Currently in discussion with IT department re: ACCESS database

North Bay: staff have completed the pre-training readings and are looking forward to the in-person training.

  • Case load is currently at 25 and 13 are receiving NAVIGATE.

All Sites

  • All sites have received the NAVIGATE guide/toolkit and understand what needs to be completed before Nov 18th training

  • All pre-training webinars are scheduled and the IRT webinar was well-attended

  • The IRT webinar recording is available on the EPI-SET website

  • All sites to connect with Dayna if there are questions about the upcoming pre-training webinars happening next week

  • The three original sites are implementing NAV with new clients and as appropriate with existing clients.

  • New sites are incorporating modules and handouts with new clients to get comfortable.

  • Current focus is training at the new sites now that role selection and initial orientation to model is complete.

  • Currently assessing feasibility and creation of databases for the sites.

E-Learning Animation Video: is being finalized; Laura sent a list of attendee emails to Education team. There will be a registration process to access the video.


  • The teams seem to be increasingly engaged and see value of discussion around complex cases.


  • FAC has completed the survey but more data is required – Simone

  • FAC has good engagement, but more representation needed across sites is needed, especially from Sudbury, Durham, Waterloo – Lillian

  • Criteria for family members: not limited to those who have participated in EPI, but want different lived experience, even if they did a different program that worked well so we can have broader contribution

  • Results from research staff survey show that staff feel very comfortable in promoting patient engagement; Simone has sent RAs a guide on promoting patient engagement

  • Simone, Dielle, Andrea and Laura to meet about FAC recruitment process and create an SOP for it


  • REDCap is ready to go and the link is up and running for referral from sites

  • Abanti to reach out to PSSP Implementation team to pass that on to local teams

  • PSSP IS’s to remind clinical staff to have this referral link saved on their desktop for easy referral process; All clients in their first year of treatment are eligible to apply.

  • Abanti will send finalized safety SOP, the link to the database and the database SOP to Dayna by end of week.

  • Research team has communicated to the IT team to clarify purpose of the laptop; looked into best mic, camera quality but can look to make changes if this doesn’t work out – Josette

  • Will be reaching out to Anne-Marie and PSSP regarding IT needs this week


  • Niagara Fidelity report to be circulated by this week, working on North Bay ratings currently and Durham ratings to begin soon – PSSP

  • Preparing to start collecting baseline information and conducting fidelity for the two new sites as soon as contracts and REBs are complete

  • After new sites attend NAV training, a staff survey will go out to gage the readiness to implement NAVIGATE

  • Working on methodology to monitor the delivery of NAV (Access Database) - aim is to eventually embed into EMR

  • Mary is working on post-training surveys:

  • Working with privacy officers and IT staff at each site regarding feasibility of access database; sites will be supported on this for duration of project but it should become more sustainable (in EMR) down the road

  • This data will help better track NAV service delivery and better follow clients

  • 12/18 people have responded to the survey; will be closed on Friday so reminder for site leads to share one more reminder with staff to complete it

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