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Project Team Meeting - Feb 5, 2020

Attendance: Andrea Alves, Abanti Tagore, Laura Grennan, Coulson Bodogh, Diana Urajnik, Eddy Nason, Nicolle Plant-Dupuis, Alexia Jaouich, Aristotle Voineskos, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Sara Traore, Augustina Ampofo, Krista Whittard, Dayna Rossi, Jeff Rocca, Sarah Bromley, George Foussias, Sheila Gallagher, Al Cudmore, Janet Durbin

Regrets: Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Jen Bertoni


· Follow-up with Niagara legal department (Sinead) and cc Krista re: contracts – Abanti

· Determine site preference for effectively communicating questions – Alexia/Dayna/Al

· Send research pamphlets to Niagara and Durham with tracking – Andrea/Abanti/Laura

· Coordinate with Andrea/Augustina to have meeting with YAC - Janet




· All materials (NAVIGATE and research) available on

· Going forward, can directly email Abanti, Andrea and Laura for study operations (refer to chart at end of minutes)


· Abanti has followed-up with Durham’s legal dept., awaiting response. Will be following up with Niagara.


· The last round of amendments was approved at all sites.

· A new round of amendments is being submitted to CAMH REB; we will submit to site REBs once approved here.

Site Visits

· Completed at Durham, Niagara, North Bay and Sudbury.

· Gave research team great insight into needs, clinic flow.

· Feedback from each site was documented and is being followed-up on.


· Recruitment Update: 9 patient referrals, 2 completed first visit (screenings), 1 more


· IT logistics: Niagara laptop is being prepared by IT

· As a contact option: do clinics text their clients? North Bay does.

· First family member referred to be scheduled for baseline


Post-Training Calls

· Status: Family – 8/12; IRT – 9/15; SEE – 7/12; Director – 7/12; Prescriber – 8/9

· Final prescriber call will be on Feb 13th. Only one prescriber (from Thunder Bay) attended the December call.

Post-Training IRT Webinar scheduled for early April

eLearning was released, link sent through email and updated to website

Forum for Clinician Questions?

· Currently do not have single forum to address questions about utilizing, adapting NAVIGATE.

· Questions currently forwarded from site leads to Sarah Bromley, who tries to triage them.

· It is likely that clinicians across sites have similar questions.

· Role of PSSP Implementation Specialists is to determine what would be most useful for sites.

What is the best way to facilitate communication? Ideas:

1. 1 Hour Q&A for each role per month with a CAMH clinician in that role. However, clinicians would wait a month in between.

2. Real-time engagement using EENEt or EPI-SET website. Discussion as needed, could schedule Q&A sessions.

3. Add open discussion during bi-weekly ECHOs that will occur starting in June. Opportunity to take existing mechanism and utilize. Would not require additional commitment beyond what is already being asked – Dr. Foussias

Site Lead Feedback

· Great ideas above; clinicians have a hard time attending existing calls.

· Like idea of a forum clinicians could access any time

Site Implementation Updates from PSSP

· Durham, Niagara and North Bay are focusing on implementation support and research.

o Krista has implementation action items to work out with PSSP

· Sudbury, Waterloo-Wellington and Thunder Bay are focusing on different components of model, planning implementation and developing coaching plans. They are all in a similar place. Start date for fully implementing NAVIGATE would likely be by April 1st.

o Sites using some components of NAVIGATE with existing clients

o Waterloo-Wellington had a planning session on January 31st and started using NAVIGATE with new patients.

o Challenges: two of the sites have had staff changes, technology, office space - but no staff resistance (other than from prescribers)

· Project Team concerned that training happened October/November and waiting 6 months before using material with clients

o Site clinicians are highly skilled and can jump into service delivery


· Completed 5 ECHO sessions; all sites finished Orientation and are now attending

· Great case presentation at the last discussion.

· Survey completion - Aug: 50%, Sept: 18%, Oct: 42%, Nov: 20%, Jan: 48%

· Implemented survey completion incentive of random draw for $100, $50, $25

· Suggestions from sites for April Flex Session

· Currently planning next cycle’s curriculum; bi-weekly sessions start in June

· EPI-SET ECHO featured in international Meta Echo newsletter, will be circulated


· Continued efforts to recruit members, can be from any sites and nearing or completed EPI treatment

· Please contact Andrea or Laura with interested youth or family members

· Both committees are contributing to EPI-SET quarterly newsletter which will highlight contributions – the newsletter will go out in March


· Baseline fidelity and readiness survey results will be shared soon with the 3 initial sites; Janet and team are willing to review results with sites if they are interested.

- Janet met with Lillian – has plans for family meeting in March and will follow up with YAC

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