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Project Team: March 3, 2021

Attendance: Andrea Alves, Brannon Senger, Anne-Marie Baker Devost, Diana Urajnik, Lillian Duda, Jill Shakespeare, Lauren Caruana, Josette Morin, Rameiya Paramalingam, Ian Speiran, Dayna Rossi, Janet Durbin, Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Aristotle Voineskos, Monica Choi, Nicole Kozloff, Victoria Vill, Carol Maxwell, Sanjeev Sockalingam


Site Meetings

  • Site meetings are scheduled this month for the following dates:

  • Monday , March 15th from 9:30- 10:30am - Niagara

  • Tuesday, March 23rd from 3pm-4pm - Waterloo

  • Monday March 29th from 10am-11am - Durham

  • Our goal is to connect with each site on a personal level and keep clinicians engaged

  • Conversations at these meetings revolve around the experience of using this model of care

  • Thunder Bay site meeting this week went very well. Feedback on what was beneficial:

  • Slaight team posed questions to get dialogue going, reflect on practice changes since implementing NAV

  • It was helpful for site lead to encourage team ahead of time to be prepared to ask questions and discuss their experiences

  • Family and youth advisory representatives provided their valuable insights


  • Jill Shakespeare is Interim Director of Implementation with PSSP and will be attending these meetings, welcome Jill!


Implementation – ECHO

  • Summer curriculum planning in development, will be shared with hub members this Friday

  • Thanks to site leads for sharing suggestions/feedback for the upcoming curriculum!

  • We want content to be helpful and align with NAV

Upcoming Sessions

  • March 5: Emotional Regulation Techniques facilitated by Laura, case by Durham

  • March 19: Family Education Part 2 presented by Vivian, facilitated by Wanda, case by North Bay

  • April 2: cancelled due to Good Friday

Site Updates


  • Developing a process to collect data continuously instead of retrospectively, have not settled on a method yet and would be helpful to hear how other sites are doing this

  • The team is still growing an learning, and there are no concerns


  • Trying to gather data on feedback from clients who say no to participating in research, and have students coming in who can help with this

  • Had first family discharge group, inspired by NAV

North Bay

  • Current case load at 24 with people on waitlist

  • Have 1 clinician right now who is covering other clinician's clients while they are on leave

Thunder Bay

  • Had a wonderful site visit yesterday with the team, was great to share our experiences and discuss some areas we want to look at and allowed us to see that we have been involved for 4-5 months with implementation and took time to review some challenges with SEE role/COVID

  • Was wonderful to hear from FAC and YAC representatives about their experiences to help reinforce what we are doing

  • We had a good start to implementing and some areas we want to review and change things up

Family Advisory Committee

  • Family advisors have been enthusiastic about participating and are attending ECHOs and site meetings

Youth Advisory Group

  • Youth advisors are actively writing scripts for their upcoming video to showcase their lived/living experience with psychosis, self-care, and their involvement in the project

  • At meetings, advisors have been sharing their experiences and discussing feedback about conveying this for the video

  • Karleigh, Youth Engagement Coordinator at CAMH is helping to facilitate video creation using an animation program since the group cannot come together to film the video

Patient Measures

  • Referred: 99

  • Durham: 31; NB: 8; Niagara: 23; Waterloo: 10; Sudbury: 16; TB; 11

  • Enrolled: 48

  • Durham:13; NB: 5; Niagara: 10; Waterloo: 5; Sudbury: 8; TB: 6

  • Of the 51 not yet enrolled:

  • 4 are scheduled/upcoming

  • 20 we either have not been able to contact/need to reschedule/are actively following-up with clinicians

  • 27 no longer interested

  • Follow-Ups (every 6 months)

  • 15 6-month follow-ups have been completed and a few more are due to be scheduled this month

  • The first 1-year follow-up was completed with a participant from North Bay

  • The next 1-year follow-up is scheduled for next week with a North Bay participant

  • A few more 1-year follow-ups are expected to occur in later spring/summer

  • Family Participants

  • 34 of the 48 youth participants have consented for family members to participate

  • 14 have been enrolled, 6 are being contacted

  • We are hopeful that once the amendment is approved to complete surveys over email instead of a video-call, this will reduce burden on family participants

Implementation Measures and Outcomes