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Project Team Meeting: January 8, 2020

Wednesday January 8th, 2019

Please see below for the action items and minutes from the January 8th Project Team Meeting.

In Attendance: Abanti Tagore, Andrea Alves, Laura Grennan, Alan Cudmore, Jen Bertoni, Mary Hana, Lauren Caruana, Sarah Bromley, Josette Morin, Nicole Kozloff, Coulson Bodogh, Aristotle Voineskos, Dayna Rossi, Alexia Jaouich, Janet Durbin, Sophie Soklaridis, Dielle Miranda, Sara Traore, Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Sheila Gallagher, Lillian Duda, Eddy Nason, Anne- Marie Baker Devost, George Foussias


  • Follow-up with Niagara REB – Laura

  • Follow-up with Waterloo REB and contracts – Kim & Alan

  • Purchase laptop and security cable for Niagara – Laura completed

  • Send list of attendance at post training calls to all site leads - Laura

  • Plan a day for site clinicians to speak with Slaight clinicians – PSSP & Sarah

  • Connect with Sanjeev to discuss ECHO incentives logistics – Abanti

  • Follow-up with sites & PSSP re: groups for Augustina & Lillian to attend – Laura & Andrea

  • Work with sites to identify clients nearing end of treatment to potentially recruit for YAC/FAC – PSSP



  • REB approvals received from most sites, waiting on annual renewal from Durham, amendment from Niagara and Waterloo

  • Contracts: waiting on Waterloo and DSA from Durham (Dielle has followed up with Yvonne)

  • IT infrastructure updates: North Bay and Durham is set up and ready to go, will be acquiring a laptop for Niagara and bringing it to site visit on Jan 24th (their IT department has given green light to have it set up on their network)

  • Site visits: Durham completed, Niagara scheduled for Jan 24th, North Bay and Sudbury scheduled for Jan 21st

  • Update on protocol paper: some minor edits requested so should be able to finalize relatively quickly – congratulations Dr. Kozloff!


  • Site updates:

  • Kim: team is now starting to get their heads around how to actually start, meeting on Jan 31st to break down what each component entails; a few more members have started so looking to have a soft launch in Feb with team members actually using the materials

  • Would like her clinicians to speak with Slaight clinicians

  • Alan: preparing materials to move forward e.g. flow charts and info sheets

  • Anne-Marie: team is moving forward with planning day, how to implement NAVIGATE within their current structure; Josette is attending the planning day because her team has already implemented and can provide direction on how to proceed

  • Dayna is helping to strategically plan to ensure they have a really good sense of different components and how they can operationalize for success

  • Experimenting with modules, IRT and Family educator has already started to use one or two modules – no concerns with it right now

  • Looking to hire a pediatric psychiatrist who will be starting shortly and will see patients that are below 17; will send out e-introduction when they are hired

  • Jen: completed a soft launch before the November training, had a regroup on Monday to see how everything was progressing before the holidays, everyone is getting familiar with the content

  • Family worker getting along with modules really well because it’s not much different from what they have already been doing

  • Meeting scheduled for Dec 6th to plan and organize; all new clients to receive NAVIGATE starting January 1st for the local program; regional program will require more time

  • IRTs are nurses so they are having a bit of difficulty getting into the role

  • Also wondering how to train nurses within the regional program

  • Sanjeev: could possibly create a hub and spoke model where locally trained clinicians/physicians can educate those in the regional program

  • Attendance at post training have been consistently good amongst all roles, variable attendance with prescribers however

  • If there is an opportunity to have clinicians at sites come to CAMH and Sarah can set up back to back meetings with Slaight clinicians (30 min sessions) in helping people actually get started with the materials, logistics and flow, practice runs etc.

  • Normal for people to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable at first, but best to pair learning the content with practice and get into a routine of

  • Clinicians are also encouraged to go back to the e-learnings that might help solidify implementation now that they’ve completed the training


  • Next ECHO session on January 28th, excited to have all sites in attendance!

  • Exploring new ways to incentivize responses to increase survey completion rates

  • We really rely on these surveys to explore and improve the ECHO product and experience. This is also important for our ECHO outcomes and data collection

  • Looking to incentivize ECHO responses; e.g. a first, second and third prize draw system

  • Attendance at ECHO sessions have been good amongst all roles and sites, variable attendance with prescribers however as they are not FTEs and have other clinics and meetings to attend

  • Discussions of a potential monthly pseudo-afterhours prescribers focused ECHO; we can reinforce the messages for free CME, sometimes we have people coming for case and not the didactic

  • Individuals can log in with their personal devices, don’t necessarily have to be on site to attend

  • ECHO Orientation for new sites: confirmed with Thunder Bay & Sudbury; Dayna following up with Waterloo team

  • Orient some logistics re: technology and support setting up with the first sessions


  • Currently there are 3 members on the YAC, we have identified new strategies to recruit new members

  • 2 new members have been identified for the FAC, from Durham and Waterloo – thank you for referring members!

  • Augustina and Lillian to call into family and youth groups at each site to recruit more members – can get in touch with PSSP or Andrea and Laura to connect

  • Would be helpful if site leads compile a list of clients that are nearing the end of treatment at each site so they can be referred to be members on the YAC & FAC


  • Successfully completed our first baseline participant from North Bay! Second and third referrals from North Bay and Durham to be scheduled. This is an exciting start to 2020!

  • Would be ideal if we are able to pair research activity with the start of NAVIGATE at each site


  • Reaching out to sites (team lead, IT and privacy) about using REDCap to document NAVIGATE delivery

  • Working on finalizing data elements and metrics to monitor NAVIGATE delivery

  • Will reach out to new sites in coming days to coordinate orientation for EPI fidelity assessment

  • Site leads and staff can expect a survey in their email on readiness to implement NAVIGATE in coming weeks to give us a good picture of how we can move forward– this is different from the ECHO survey

  • Implementation will be a bit different than patient measures REDCap database

  • Also, upcoming qualitative interviews re: NAVIGATE experiences – will keep team updated with the progress in the coming months

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