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Project Team Meeting: December 4, 2019

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Wednesday December 4th, 2019

Please see below for the action items and minutes from the December 4th Project Team Meeting.

In Attendance: Abanti Tagore, Laura Grennan, Andrea Alves, Jeff Rocca, Anne Marie-Devost, Nicolle Plante-Dupuis, Lauren Caruana, Mary Hanna, Eddy Nason, Dayna Rossi, Augustina Ampofo, Dielle Miranda, Nicole Kozloff, Alan Cudmore, Sheila Gallagher, Sara Traore, Valerie Primeau, Josette Morin, George Foussias, Kim Hewitt, Janet Durbin, Sophie Soklaridis, Sarah Bromley


  • Send Dielle Waterloo approval letter – Al

  • Send website details and password to PSSP – Andrea

  • Disseminate website password and bookmarking instructions – PSSP

  • Mail over copies of brochures to North Bay and Durham sites – Abanti/Laura

  • Send out ECHO materials for new sites – Abanti

  • Put together bios of Augustina/Lillian for website – Laura/Andrea

  • Send out REDCap referral link desktop saving instructions – Dayna

  • Reach out if there are any IT needs for research component – All sites/PSSP



  • Going forward, to cc site leads on all communications so they are in the loop and aware of activities

  • Reminder of RA roles:

  • Laura Grennan will be supporting the Family Advisory Committee, Implementation Committee and Post Training Calls (IRT, SEE, Family and Prescriber)

  • Abanti Tagore will be supporting the Patient Measures and Outcomes Committee and the ECHO Committee/working group and sessions

  • Andrea Laves will be supporting the Youth Advisory Committee, Service Measures and Outcomes Committee and will also be assisting with the ECHO sessions

  • CIHR feedback from annual report:

  • Very pleased with our progress and achievements over the last year

  • Raised some questions regarding our budget, underspent in the first year but we have made up for it in the second year and we are on track again

  • REB approvals received: Sudbury, Waterloo, Durham

  • Contract approvals received: Sudbury, North Bay, Durham; scheduled call on Dec 11th with Niagara team to address questions about contracts

  • The pending contract amendments will not delay patient measures as we have REB approved protocols at all sites

  • We have purchased a website domain! Will now be going forward; please always refer back to it as it is constantly being updated

  • Our project is more searchable and more accessible to the public however some web pages with sensitive information will still be kept private


  • Feedback from sites following November training:

  • Kim: staff are feeling more comfortable with NAVIGATE; there is some feedback around role/identity (e.g. OT’s are comfortable doing SEE but not identifying as a SEE worker)

  • Meeting scheduled for Dec 6th and in Jan with Al to go over any questions and concerns staff may have with the material

  • Anne-Marie: training was received well and staff felt the info and manuals were helpful; excited to operationalize the information

  • Meeting scheduled for Feb 21st to plan and organize pathways; Josette & Dayna invited to attend

  • Some ongoing discussions with team regarding sticking to standardized practice of NAVIGATE with such a small team

  • Josette: clinicians are happy with the training and found it very useful

  • Thunder Bay had lots of positive feedback from training and is moving full steam ahead! Integrating modules into their client care

  • Meeting scheduled for Dec 6th to plan and organize; all new clients to receive NAVIGATE starting January 1st for the local program; regional program will require more time

  • Introductions and orientation were the main focuses prior to training and now helping with integration of NAVIGATE modules and encouraging clinicians to get comfortable with the material

  • All sites have been on the implementation, post-training and ECHO calls

  • Lauren to meet with Durham team this week and develop a strong coaching plan to move forward in support of full implementation

  • Will figure out timing for SCEI clinician to come down to Durham site for half day to speak about NAVIGATE; to be scheduled for January – Sarah

  • Identified additional SEE and IRT modules that need to be covered in calls/webinars; Sarah in contact with trainers to obtain potential dates and doodle poll sent out to clinicians for availability

  • Will be for all new clinicians, not just limited to new sites and will be recorded

  • Post-training calls will be happening simultaneously, not back to back

  • NAVIGATE brochures have been translated in French by Josette’s team (Thank you, Josette!) and Dayna has copies to disseminate

  • North Bay and Durham has requested copies of the brochure, we will send out to sites!


  • All members from new sites have been added to ECHO outlook invite, next session in Jan 2020

  • Introduction, onboarding materials and case presentation doodle poll will be sent out this week

  • Case presentations only require filling out a pdf, no powerpoint presentations or lectures required from presenters at each site


  • Obtained approval from Lillian & Augustina to feature short bios/quotes on EPI-SET website

  • Augustina will be featured in a press release on “Our Voice Matters”, a partnership with CAMH & Healthy Debates to discuss the importance of youth engagement and her work with EPI-SET

  • Reaching out to connect with and onboard potential new Durham FAC member (Thank you, Sheila!)


  • We are ready to begin patient measures at the 3 sites based on the REB protocols that have been approved; sites can begin referring patients who are interested in the research component

  • Sites to please reach out if there is anything else they need from us in terms of IT; we are happy to talk to each site IT department if there are any additional questions

  • No further feedback or comments from sites regarding the safety and referral SOPs


  • We will be reaching out to new sites soon to set up orientation to fidelity review process and move forward once contracts/REB are finalized

  • Continuing to focus on setting up a process for clinicians to record contact with clients; recently pulled back from using Access and will be trying to move forward with REDCap and obtain feedback from sites on sustainability and feasibility

  • Will be joining in on the Dec 11th call with Niagara to discuss privacy and IT issues and will be reaching out to all other sites as well in the near future for next steps – Mary

  • We appreciate your patience during this process and we will keep this moving forward

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