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Project Team: December 2, 2020

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Attendance: Andrea Alves, Brannon Senger, Tallan Alexander, Lauren Caruana, Alan Cudmore, Melanie Barwick, Dayna Rossi, Aristotle Voineskos, Alexia Jaouich, Carol Maxwell, Sandy Brooks, Josette Morin, Rameiya, Nicole Kozloff, Monca Choi, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Carol Maxwell, Janet Durbin, Mary Hanna, Victoria, Lillian, Sarah Bromley

Admin Updates

  • In the process of submitting amendment to text participants for scheduling/reminders

  • CFIR contract executed, currently waiting for SickKids REB approval

    • Interviews to start in the new year


  • Last session on Peer Support work was highlight engaging, thanks to Sara Traore, our family advisors, and all who attended!

  • Upcoming Sessions

    • This Friday Dec 4th on CBT, with case presentation by North Bay

    • Dec 18th on Motivational Interviewing/substance use, case presentation by Durham

    • Jan 8th: first session of new year on Mood Disorders, case presentation by Sudbury

  • We are really appreciative of everyone that attends the ECHO sessions

    • Sessions were moved to Friday’s to accommodate scheduling for sites

    • ECHOs support the education/capacity-building component and are crucial component of the community of practice

    • We want to check-in with sites if there are any difficulties attending the Friday sessions

      • Thunder Bay and North Bay have confirmed the Friday time works well

    • We also want to hear about your needs and feedback; we do get great feedback from the surveys but are always open to more

Site Updates


  • Continue to get high volume of referrals each month

  • Have a waitlist of about 6 patients

  • Family Group is going very well and will continue until January


  • Continue to deliver Navigate, offer research, and are swamped with new referrals.

  • Continue to struggle with finding somewhere appropriate to discharge our clients to once they are finished three years.

  • As a result, we keep the clients for longer and our clinicians case-loads are getting too high again.

North Bay

  • Case load is 28, 2 new referrals coming in.

  • Clinicians have no challenges with NAV, things are going well.

  • Still offering option of meeting face-to-face.

  • Appointments seem to be mostly virtual still.

  • 3 to 4 discharges have been connected to other service providers.


  • Implementation is moving toward maintenance: we’ve created a client ‘Wellness Plan’ that identifies goals and the plan to attain these goals.

    • This Word document is embedded in our Excel Spread Sheet and is reviewed at our huddles. It is also provided to the client.

  • Navigate huddles are now three times per week (from one time per week).

  • More than 50% of our clients are now Navigators

  • 6 clients are participating in research (maybe more now as we referred recently)

  • All clinicians are finding their stride and loving it!

Thunder Bay

  • 6 research referrals, are implementing NAV and have completed Fidelity process and readiness surveys so

  • Average of 4-5 referrals per week

Fidelity Assessments

  • The second round of Fidelity assessments will occur 1 year after each site implemented NAV for consistency

  • Trying to simplify and streamline data collection as much as possible, make it fit with workflows at sites and make sure we are supporting and automating these processes as much as possible

  • Will provide sites with an excel template in the new year, so they can trial data collection around NAV delivery with 5 clients and see how it works

    • After this trial, will refine process based on experience

  • Royce will pull items from excel spreadsheet into REDCap so it can be analyzed, plan for bigger data capture towards end of study.

  • Wrapping up the second wave baseline Fidelity assessments:

    • Sudbury report to go out, WW report being written, TB has finished data collection - will start draft soon so all reports go out by January

Advisory Committees

Youth Advisory Committee

  • Will be creating 2 videos: 1 about contribution to EPI-SET, other about own experiences with psychosis

  • YAC meeting last Friday with Dr. Kozloff visiting, great discussion about psychosis and mental health

Family Advisory Committee

  • FAC members have started to attend ECHOs and are appreciating being a part of the discussions happening across sites.

  • Scheduling to attend site groups as well


  • Study start-up meeting this week

  • Focus of the project so far has primarily been on identifying adaptations at Slaight Centre with regards to virtual delivery of NAV model

  • Thanks to everyone who led the work on the Core Components document for EPI-SET!

  • Since IRT role is complex, will have IRT clinicians take field notes re: their experience delivering the virtual model for a few days

  • Once we have all info, we will see if there are any strategies/resources to leverage from CAMH Virtual Mental Health to support virtual delivery

  • REB: the only patient/family/clinician data collection is with respect to qualitative interviews (CFIR for clinicians), so have been working with Melanie to follow EPI-SET protocol and consents to align with the CFIR process – will be resubmitting to REB this week

  • Have finalized hiring a research analyst who will start next week

    • She will attend the EPI-SET calls to help get immersed in the model and because of the close alignment between the two projects

  • Q: Developing fillable PDFs to support documentation aligns with this work and PSSP

    • Priority modules were done by CAMH Education and we had started the work by pulling most used handouts from those modules; now Modules 1-7 look different since manuals were revised.

    • Currently working on a plan internally to have admin support to do it all at once.

    • Trying to identify priority handouts to get them out faster.

Patient Measures

  • There are a baseline rate of individuals who will not say yes to research

  • YAC have mentioned reconnecting and checking in with clients again; we have set it up so that there is a window of the 1st year for people to be able to enroll in the study

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