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Project Team Meeting: October 2, 2019

Wednesday October 2, 2019

Please see below for the action items and minutes from the October 2nd Project Team Call.

In Attendance: Nicole, Kim, Claire, Eddy, Jen, Sheila, Alan, Josette, Janet, Dielle, Andrea, Laura, Sarah, Aristotle, Dayna, George, Sanjeev, Eva, Sarah, Paul, Ann-Marie, Krista, Simone, Augustina, Lilian, Sarah B., Alexia, Nicole K.


  • Follow-up and send reminder about Nov 18th annual meeting – Dielle

  • Provide talking points and support to site leads for EPION presentation – Dielle/Laura

  • Send REB amendments to all sites – Dielle/Laura completed

  • Reach out to spoke sites to sign up for October ECHO – Abanti/Dielle completed

  • Circulate handbook and more information on pre/post training – Sarah completed

  • Reach out to physicians groups at each site - Dielle

  • Circulate baseline survey report once approved by YAC & FAC - Simone

  • FAC and YAC schedule to be finalized and uploaded on website – Andrea completed

  • Next call: Nov 6th, 2019




  • Please check website for all meeting minutes, info on upcoming events and general inquires

  • REB amendments sent to Sudbury, and next round of amendments circulated to other sites this week

  • North Bay, Waterloo and Niagara to be getting revised contracts this week

  • Everyone should have received annual project meeting on Nov 19th – please click accept and send response on invite; will update location details on invite

  • 8:30am – 10:00am breakfast before EPION to meet in person and provide high level updates

  • Anyone that is attending EPION are welcome to attend, including other individuals in Toronto


  • First Day: Nov 19th - Part 1 (3pm – 4pm)

  • Overview and Main outcomes – Aristotle (15 mins)

  • Implementation – Janet and Melanie (15 mins)

  • Health admin data outcomes – Nicole and Paul (15 mins)

  • Engagement – Augstina & Lillian on YAC/FAC committee experience (15 mins)

  • Second Day: Nov 20th - Part 2 (11am – 12pm)

  • Implementation – Alexia (15 mins)

  • ECHO – Sanjeev or Eva (15 mins)

  • Training – Sarah or George (15 mins)

  • Site leads – their experience so far, pros and cons, conclusions (15 mins)

  • Should have separate call to discuss how to present this info

  • Research team to provide talking points for this portion

  • Divya and Simone to put together 3-4 slides on:

  • Fidelity and engagement

  • Frequency of measurements and overall time frame


  • Further pre-training work, remote e-learning module, handbook or toolkit sent out – contains several links and info about required and essential readings for whole team and specialized interventions; this can be used for onboarding of new and current staff

  • E-learning to be circulated early November which will also be essential to view before in person training

  • Coordinating webinars with trainers for second week of November to prepare for in person training: one hour webinar for everyone, second one hour webinar for each intervention

  • Two post training webinars (each one hour) after in-person training for IRT on content heavy modules that can cause some challenges for clinicians

  • In person training will last from 8:15am – 4:00pm for clinicians; 4:00pm – 4:30pm for additional trainers, site leads and directors


  • PSSP to circulate handbook regarding upcoming trainings and webinars to call sites

  • Calendar invites sent directly to attendees of trainings instead of site leads passing info along

  • Alexia onboarding Sudbury, Waterloo and Thunder Bay; focusing currently on existing sites for scaling up, what’s still needed

  • Working with new sites for initiation of research component, feasibility and logistics, creation of database, implementation that is sustainable post research

  • Developing processes for successful fidelity to the model – collaborating with site leads and research to choose metrics and uptakes

  • Krista to send contact information of new staff joining to set them up for EPI-SET


  • Second ECHO session on Sept 24 was a success; didactic and case was presented from the hub team but working to get cases from partner sites

  • Working out IT issues and troubleshooting with spoke sites

  • Engagement has been great and people are getting used to the model, getting more feedback in satisfaction survey and during the didactic portion – using feedback to further develop curriculum


  • FAC had the opportunity to give feedback for the e-learning module based on family psycho-education NAVIGATE tools for families that do not come to the center

  • Currently being finalized with the feedback and will become widely accessible in the family intervention piece; broader communication to be sent on how to access once ready


  • Simone analyzed baseline surveys and circulated report with advisory committee leads who have reviewed and provided helpful feedback

  • Waiting for sign off and recommendations from FAC, will send to YAC to review as well

  • Results are positive and promising, there are recommendations for both research staff and advisory committee members to optimize engagement and transparency to detect problems along the way


  • Finishing review of REDCap database collection of patient outcomes, safety protocol comments which should be completed by this week

  • Working with local implementation specialists around starting sometime this week and keeping it consistent with currently approved protocol

  • Once the next version is approved we can have a direct link to refer participants to the research team


  • Once REB amendments are completed, reaching out to new sites to conduct fidelity review, access database to monitor and deliver NAVIGATE; want to work with the sites so it fits in with their setting and have value, not to be burdensome

  • Janet creating an FAQ sheet to be circulated soon with more information

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