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Project Team: April 7, 2021

Attendance: Andrea Alves, Lauren Caruana, Kerri Nagy, Josette Morin, Dayna Rossi, Diana Urajnik, Heather McKee, Rameiya Param, John Riley, Brannon Senger, Aristotle Voineskos, Sara Traore, Lauren de Freitas, Victoria Villanueva, Lillian Duda, Dielle Miranda, Carol Maxwell, Anne-Marie Baker Devost

Action Items

  • Contact sites for April 16 case presentation – Rameiya

  • Extract research participant data for duration of untreated psychosis and share with sites – Andrea

  • Share Ontario Perception of Care (OPOC) survey with sites – Dr.Kozloff/Andrea

Main Updates/Decisions Made

  • REB: Received CAMH REB approval for recent amendment, will proceed with site REBs next

  • Clinician Training/Annual Meeting: planning 2 half-days in June

  • ECHO: post-cycle 2 evaluations and cycle 3 curriculum to be released soon

  • Patient Measures: sites to complete referral form for all clients who are asked (yes’s and no’s); research team to share participant’s symptom and functioning scores with sites

Administrative Updates

Review Impact Summary (see attached)

Site Meetings

  • Thanks to all sites for participating in the annual site meetings, we had great discussions and will be incorporating feedback into upcoming ECHOs and trainings

Annual Meeting/Booster Training

  • Planning for early June with a half-day clinician training, and a half day meeting to discuss progress/opportunities

  • No travel required this time – will be more convenient

  • Site lead feedback:

  • North Bay, Niagara, Thunder Bay prefer 2 half-day morning meetings, as less clients are booked in the mornings

  • Dayna will connect with the remaining sites to confirm

  • Half day training with activities to support training needs

  • Site leads to share staffs’ needs with PSSP or research team so we can create a useful training for clinicians

  • Will also be useful for new staff that have joined

  • If the sites have suggestion for training, and any new staff we can think about how to use that time to support them


  • We have just received approval from CAMH REB for our recent amendments which include:

  • Option to text referrals for setting up research appointments

  • Option for family members to complete surveys via email instead of videocall

  • Research Recruitment Poster for sites

  • We will proceed with site REB submissions next


ECHO Surveys/Evaluations

  • Will be sending out self-efficacy survey and post-echo evaluations to obtain feedback; have not confirmed dates for this yet

  • Also determining logistics for the qualitative interviews for ECHO

Upcoming Sessions

  • April 16th on CBT (Part 2) with case presentation TBD

  • May 7th on IRT (Part 2) with case presentation by Thunder Bay

Site Lead Updates

North Bay

  • Had a great meeting with the research/Slaight team

  • Liked the idea of a welcoming/orientation to NAV for clients that Slaight does, but might be hard with smaller number of clients

  • 22 clients right now, clinicians have been busy with a move

  • Getting a new manager starting this week

  • Still seeing clients mostly virtually but option to meet face-to-face and come in for injections

  • Clinicians say that clients have not been in hospital, but might be feeling more low/isolating more, and hard it’s hard to encourage clients to do more when they can’t really go anywhere


  • Clients are being seen virtually and in-person

  • High number of referrals and clients that are unwell

  • Have experienced high turnover and need more staff, but staff are persevering and working hard to serve clients with a high standard of care

  • Peer support started a walking group

  • Interested in tracking the duration of untreated psychosis for each client

  • Research team may be able to provide this information to sites for any clients that participate in research, as we conduct a thorough SCID interview

  • For the half-day clinician training, would look forward to Tallan being a client for a training scenario

Thunder Bay

  • Intakes are moving forward but some did not show or were not a fit so recruitment has lagged a little

  • Meeting with Janet to review Fidelity assessment and discuss some areas for improvement


  • Influx of COVID cases at the hospital with 2 units on lockdown, including mental health inpatients

  • Nurses are being redeployed from community care, including an EPI nurse (for approx. 6 weeks)

  • The team is already quite small so will be strategizing for the next little while to provide best care


Recruitment Updates/Strategies