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EPI-SET Project Team: August 5, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


  • Follow-up to schedule meeting with Catherine Ford, Sarah, Aristotle – Andrea


Intro & Administrative / Study Progress Updates

  • COVID-19 self-assessment measures approved by CAMH

  • Amendment submitted to Waterloo

  • Approval from North Bay received

  • Email approval from Niagara, just waiting for official letter

  • Scheduling meeting Durham REB chair, as they want this amendment to be submitted as a new protocol

  • Original application submitted to Thunder Bay for patient measures component

  • CFIR amendment submitted, goal to complete first wave by October 

Implementation - NAVIGATE Delivery


  • Dealing with staff turnover, hiring a new RN (family worker) starting in September.

  • Clinician Andrae Belle is going to be taking a paternity leave for 2 months.

  • Things are going well with NAVIGATE

  • Dielle and Abanti are joining weekly meetings to encourage referrals

  • Sheila recently sent an email to her staff with all clients that are eligible to be referred for research

Thunder Bay

  • Welcome Carol Maxwell! Carol is the Implementation Lead with Thunder Bay program


  • Referred 11 patients to the study

  • Several new staff are now IRT trained

  • Working on getting family group up and running.


  • Actively recruiting for IRT position and should be filled by next week

  • NAVIGATE is being used with all new clients

  • Met with Abanti and Dielle to discuss next steps in terms of engaging clients in research

North Bay

  • Clinicians referred a new participant last week

  • Case load is currently at 27

  • Clinicians are seeing clients face-to-face or virtually

Implementation Measures and Outcomes


  • The Evaluation Team has started Fidelity review interviews with Sudbury and virtual chart reviews are going to start soon.


  • Sandy is in conversation with WW to schedule interviews and chart review.

Thunder Bay: still waiting to schedule when given the go-ahead

  • Since there has been new leadership at this site, it will be important to understand


  • The point of these additional interviews, which will be done with the site leads and a couple of staff, is to understand the barriers to implementation.

  • Interviews will be carried out with first wave of sites first.

  • Janet has connected with Andrea to get up-to-date description of staffing and FTEs by role, role-sharing. Will be sharing it with Melanie to help with her work.

How is patient engagement tracked at sites?

  • North Bay: this is something that would be within client’s chart

  • Durham: has to pull data manually

  • Thunder Bay: no-show rate has reduced considerably

  • Niagara: this would be a manual pulling to see no-shows, not tracked

  • o Definitely having less no-shows especially in psychiatry clinic

  • o Clients seem to like the electronic hand outs

  • Sudbury: chart whether care is delivered by OTN/in-person/phone.

  • o Have 2 EMRs, one captures contact but doesn’t define it according to virtual or face-to-face, so working with IT team to see whether that can happen.


  • A sub-set of the EPI-SET team has applied for funding to study the virtual delivery of NAVIGATE

  • The application has been shortlisted for UofT (final round) and waiting to hear back from CIHR.

  • For patients who are participants in the study, there are some measures that ask about aspects of the care they are receiving and their therapeutic relationship and captures the appointments from a self-report perspective. So we will get some of that info in terms of are they attending appts and how did they perceive the care they are receiving.

Youth and Family Advisory Committees

  • FAC will be releasing a video soon explaining what the project means to them

  • YAC met last week and are choosing e-gift card options for research participants

  • FAC and YAC investigator/guest schedule has been drafted

  • o Sanjeev is attending FAC in September

  • YAC still looking for representation from sites