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ECHO Planning Committee: March 25, 2019

In Attendance: Eva Serhal, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Chelsi Major, Jasmyn Cunningham, Sarah Bromley, Harriet Eastman, Milena Gosk


  • Sanjeev → Follow up with Steering Committee re: project co-leads [Done] and where the recommendations role might come from.

  • Sanjeev → Follow up with George re: accreditation

  • Christine → Connect with ECHO ONMH team to identify what the sites need in terms of IT to participate actively, whether at their desk or with their group

  • Sarah → Start identifying potential high yield skills in modules that could be used to inform curriculum topics.




  • Project deliverables – address both key grant and ECHO ONMH MOHLTC requirements. Alignment with the MOHLTC deliverables may allow us to seek MOHLTC funding through ECHO ONMH at a later date (particularly as part of project sustainability)

  • Curriculum development will start with a needs assessment that uses expert consensus and participant validation to inform the subsequent steps (i.e., topic identification, order, and presenters; learning objectives; content development). Expert consensus will begin as early as our next meeting.

  • Curriculum presenters can be guests

  • Knowledge change will be assessed via self-report, given that the first cycle (July 2019 – March 2020) only has 9 sessions.


  • N/A


  • Team structure and governance – the general structure looks good, but until we know who will be coleading with Sanjeev (administrative and planning oversight and decision making), we can’t confirm the structure and governance

  • Start date – July 23 or 30? Deferred to next meeting.

  • Recommendations role – each session, a member of the team records the recommendations given in the session to the case presenter. This will be an action item for next meeting.

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