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Project Team Meeting: November 19, 2019

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Tuesday November 19th, 2019

In Attendance: Andrea Alves, Laura Grennan, Abanti Tagore, Dielle Miranda, Aristotle Voineskos, Sarah Bromley, George Foussias, Sheila Gallagher, Jen Bertoni, Josette Morin, Kim Hewitt-McVicker, Anne-Marie Baker Devost, , Alexia Jaouich, Alan Cudmore, Dayna Rossi, Lauren Caruana, Lillian Duda, Augustina Ampofo, Eddy Nason, Catherine Ford, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Jenny Hardy, Nicolle Plante- Dupuis, Janet Durbin, Nicole Kozloff, Sophie Soklaridis


  • Send research referral script to PSSP – Abanti/Dielle

  • Send list of which sites have members in the FAC & YAC to all site leads – Laura & Andrea

  • Send info sheet about study to PSSP – Dielle

  • Circulate flyer of FAC & YAC member inclusion criteria to sites – PSSP

  • Disseminate REDCap referral link and desktop saving instructions to all sites – PSSP

  • Connect CAMH clinicians with Durham clinicians to speak about implementation – Sarah

  • Sites leads need to be informed about the onboarding package - Dayna

  • Fidelity reports to be finalized and circulated - Janet



  • Aristotle provided an update on the new sites onboarding, progress over the last year


  • New sites were introduced (ThunderBay, Waterloo-Wellington and Sudbury) and provided a brief description of their clinical services and why they were excited to join EPI-SET

  • Thunder Bay: clinicians are very enthusiastic; some even asking to come in off time to read and learn the new NAVIGATE materials!

  • Thunderbay has a mobile team to go out into the community- an implementation nuance that needs to be further discussed

  • WW has a meeting on Dec 6th with their team to talk about NAV; Sarah suggested that PSSP join the meeting

  • Sudbury team is also meeting in Jan 2020- PSSP will join the meeting as well


  • Current sites provided an update on how things were going at their sites- what’s working and the implementation challenges.

  • North Bay: currently only two clinicians and they’ve been doing good job of training and implementing the program, clinicians are training on different roles so there can be overlap and coverage-however could use more support

  • Durham: clinicians are not fully onboard with this new program yet; working but hoping things will become smoother with more support from PSSP implementation specialists – Sheila suggested that the team needs more in-person support from PSSP

  • Durham clinician feel that standardized care is not individualized; Eddy spoke to the importance of reinforcing the value of clinicians which is an important part of change management

  • It was also suggested that SCEIS staff join one of the staff team meetings to talk about their experience with implementation- what they have liked about NAVIGATE, the challenge of changing practise etc.

  • Adapting to new technology has also been a challenge for some Durham team members (ex; ECHO zoom); this has been quite a shift for the clinic

  • New sites have expressed interest in joining NAVIGATE

  • St. Joeseph’s Health Care Hamilton approached Sheila expressing interest in NAVIGATE SEE roles and joining the program

  • Aristotle suggested that any new sites wanting to join NAVIGATE should be directed to Dielle or Sarah

  • We will continue our model of operations of onboarding new sites on ongoing basis instead of having them wait till the next year

  • By next year we should have a learning program ready for new sites


  • We are ready to start patient measures component

  • The REDCap referral link & instructions have been sent to PSSP

  • All clients within their first year of EPI can be referred over and data collection ready to begin – George

  • Sites indicated that it would be helpful if clinicians had a script for clients when pitching research to them – including what benefits there are for participating


  • Sanjeev reported that there has been good participation with spokes at the ECHO session average attendance was around 19 spoke members

  • It was suggested that PSSP remind sites about importance of participation and attendance at ECHO and that ZOOM interface can be accessed from anywhere – via phone or computer, so it makes it easy for members to jump in on the call

  • By June 2020, ECHOs will switch from monthly to biweekly

  • It was suggested that spoke members complete the post session survey during the last 10 minutes of the session in order to increase the number of responses – members would need to bring their own phone or laptop to the meeting


  • Fidelity reports underway for current sites; plan to start with fidelity reviews with the news sites – Janet


  • Lillian expressed the importance of having standard model of care for early psychosis; she talked about the importance of decreasing variability in care and standardized treatment across all setting

  • Augustina reinforced the importance of having standardized care

  • EPI-SET has done a good job of integrating feedback and input from advisory committees into the study

  • Site leads suggested that it would be helpful for them to know which sites have FAC & YAC members and which don’t so it will be on their radar and leads can refer members over

  • New members need to be recruited for YAC & FAC, sites to refer potential members to Dielle and/or EPI-SET research team (Andrea/Laura)

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