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Steering Committee: September 5, 2018

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

In attendance: Aristotle Voineskos, George Foussias, Alexia Jaouich, Janet Durbin, Dielle Miranda, Sarah Bromley, Lillian Duda (on phone), Chelsi Major

Action Items

Work Plan

  • Add language/timeline –Dielle and Alexia (Done)

  • Send by end of day (Sept. 5) – Dielle (Done)


  • Ensure attendance for next week – Dielle

Statement of Collaboration

  • Clarify language around PSSP and ECHO implementation – Dielle (Done)

  • Review and edit for finalized draft – Janet (Done), George, and Sarah

Committee Terms of Reference

  • Fix Gov. structure – Chelsi

REB Process for Sites

  • Create packages to be signed before send out on September 14th -Chelsi/Dielle

Site Assessment

  • Provide Janet with Site Assessment Excel – Chelsi (Done)

  • Contact sites to provide updated (2017-2018) data if needed – Janet

October 16th Launch - Dielle

  • Finalize attendance

  • Formulate agenda for the day



Reviewed and Revised Work Plan

  • For Alexia and Dielle to add language/timeline for submission before the end of the day (Sept 5)


  • ECHO team should be at the meeting next week. Dielle to follow up with team.

Reviewed and Revised the Statement of Collaboration

  • Clarify PSSP implementation to the implementation model and ECHO is the implementation of the practice of navigate  add within C (Objective of the Project)

REB Site Submissions

  • Will have documents put together and ready to be signed on Monday.

  • Send documents to sites for a quick review before sending them out on Tuesday.

  • Due date is September 14th

Moving Forward with Site Assessment

  • Provide Janet with excel document (good for sample size)

  • Some of the site data is 2016/2017 data, therefore we need to contact sites to provide updated data (2017/2018)


  • Starting to reach out, how many people are expected?

  • Broader invite to the PIs (Jean or Don coming? Or Kelly from Western to explain ICES?)

  • Agenda for the day – in order for team members to present certain things

  1. Site needs – talk about their site, this is how many people we serve, our populations, etc.

  2. 30-45 mins on the model of NAVIGATE

  3. Going over the measures, why are we using them, the pieces of the study to be explained

  4. What’s gone well or what’s been challenging? Reflecting back on CAMH’s implementation

  • Budget?

  1. The investigator teams is what’s going to be expensive

  • The psychiatrists not coming? Just the managers and lead contact?

Committee Terms of References

  • Horizontal diagram (for the Gov. structure) appendix

  • Add Paul and Mitchell and Lilian and Sarah, principle

  • Executive personnel described but not in the gov. chart

Psychiatrist Touch Base Call Update

  • Called Dr. Warsi (Niagara Region), and Dr. Betlen (Durham Region)

  • Waiting on response from Dr. Massabki (Durham), Dr. Shivakumar (Sudbury) and Dr. Primeau (North Bay)

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