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Steering Committee: September 30, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


  • Congratulations to Aristotle for being appointed Vice President of Research at CAMH, effective January 2021!


  • Submitted Durham REB review comments regarding COVID amendment, waiting to hear back

  • Awaiting response from SickKids REB and Legal department regarding CFIR

SPOR COVID Activity Tracker

  • Feedback from the last meeting was incorporated, and we are submitting this week


  • Last session survey results and feedback circulated to hub team; lots of great feedback on SEE session

  • Next session: Friday, October 2nd on Family Education (Part 1)

    • Didactic presentation: Vivian and Lillian/FAC members

    • Case presentation pending, as the original site indicated they can no longer present and other sites have declined (citing time constraints and staffing issues)

      • Brannon reached out to hub team to see if anyone could deliver a quick case presentation

      • Dr. Kozloff has kindly offered to provide a case if no one else can

      • Another back-up option would to use the time for a Q&A session


  • Working with PSSP to obtain site admission numbers for Aug and Sept to report at Project Team next week – thanks to Dayna for helping to gather this information!

  • Update from Waterloo/Al on Peer Support Work presentation content

  • Instead of utilizing ECHO for the presentation, will move forward with creating a usable resource, like a webinar

  • Any material that will be presented will be shown to the Steering Committee first

  • Implementation Calls with Site Leads have had great discussions

  • Thunder Bay will be hosting a launch party, complete with NAVIGATE face masks!

Patient Measures

  • Total Referrals received: 50 (Durham: 22; NB: 6; Niagara: 14; Waterloo: 4; Sudbury: 4)

  • Baseline completed: 22 (Durham: 10; NB: 4, Niagara: 4; Waterloo: 2; Sudbury: 2)

  • 6-month F/U completed: 2

  • Upcoming participants: 2 scheduled for today (Sudbury)

  • Site Clinic Meetings:

  • Durham has requested that we attend site meetings biweekly now

  • Upcoming Thunder Bay research orientation meeting – after this meeting, Thunder Bay will be ready to start referring clients for research

  • How does the current number of referrals impact the project timeline?

  • In addition to continuing efforts to ramp up recruitment, we may end up asking for a no-cost extension

  • Being affected by the pandemic may also give us more flexibility with the timeline

  • Luckily, the other aims of this work that are not affected by participant numbers are still on schedule

Advisory Committees


  • Reviewed FAC video and are now planning the YAC video

  • Dr. Kozloff scheduled to attend November meeting, YAC feedback on discussion topics for that meeting to be sent over to Dr. Kozloff

  • Next meeting: Friday, October 23rd


  • Planning engagement opportunities for FAC members to attend October ECHO session, and site Family groups

  • FAC members are excited to attend the ECHO session

  • Previously, had a great discussion with Sanjeev and at some point hope to have a FAC member participate in the ECHOs on an ongoing basis

  • Next meeting: Thursday, October 8th

e-NAVIGATE Study Update

  • Hiring processes have started for the study RA and project coordinator

  • U of T will give some funding for Year 1 (allocated for FTE Project Coordinator), and full funding for Year 2

  • Submitting the REB application for October 1 - may need more details on Virtual Care Experience Survey results access and review; followed up with Allison about this directly

  • Meetings set up with knowledge users to start detailing current NAVIGATE processes and gaps to fill with virtual mental health supports

  • PI meeting on October 19 to discuss high-level study design and implementation issues

  • Planning a Study Start-up Meeting for November with all investigators

  • Melanie has sent us a schedule of EPI-SET meetings she is able to attend and we are waiting to hear from Allison

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