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Steering Committee: November 28, 2018

In attendance: Aristotle, Paul, George, Jean, Janet, Chelsi, Dielle, Nadia

Action Items:


  • North Bay REB follow-up – Dielle

  • Discuss and finalize governance structure at next SC meeting – Nadia/Chelsi/Dielle

  • Finalize EPI-SET website – Chelsi

  • Orient sites to platform on December 4th during next pre-training call via Zoom – Chelsi/Nadia

  • EPI-SET website to serve as a public provincial resource in the future (some website content would be restricted) – Chelsi/Nadia


  • Finalize site preferences for coordination – Dielle

  • Review most recent implementation landscape at next SC meeting - Alexia




Implementation Coordination & Website Portal

  • Sites are overwhelmed with emails and coordination for Training, Implementation and Fidelity project components and have requested a more coordinated approach → point-person from CAMH

  • Dielle proposed that the central project administration hub to coordinate meetings with sites and for PSSP to liaise through us about upcoming meetings and assessments

  • PSSP could touch base with the central team (Dielle, Nadia Chelsi) on a weekly basis with PSSP about communications/activities for the week which would be then relayed to the sites

  • Janet → centralized coordination compromises relationship building and engagement and Fidelity evaluations are occurring on a staggered timeline

  • Aristotle → core content can be communicated through the new web portal.

  • Proposal → Send Fidelity materials/content to Chelsi/Nadia who would upload the materials onto the portal and communicate updates to the sites directly

  • Proposal → Live calendar could be integrated onto the website where sites could poll scheduling preferences and visualize upcoming project meetings, calls, evaluations, etc.

  • Project administration team can work operations and implementation teams to help facilitate coordination and scheduling → get in touch with Mary Hanna (does scheduling for Fidelity)

  • Communications will then drive the site to the website

  • Calendar will be uploaded onto the EPI-SET website platform for various call and evaluation/assessment schedules

  • To demo website during the 3rd pre-training call

  • Chelsi → mention during pre-training call → brief demo of at the 3rd pre-training call

  • Disclaimer about NAVIGATE and its delivery/administration to be incorporated → who is doing full NAVIGATE as opposed to components

  • Not all aspects of the website should be open to public domain (tips tricks, videos, recordings, etc.)

  • CAMH becomes provincial training center for the NAVIGATE approach


  • OCAN working group → CCIN team to identify EPION programs that are consistently reporting to OCAN to understand the provincial reach of reliable EPION reporting sites → benchmark for the study from an evaluation standpoint

  • Aim to understand which EPION centers are regionally discrete and reporting to OCAN



  • Durham → full board review on December 3rd, 2018. Comments about youth consenting under the age of 16 have been addressed.

  • Dielle will follow-up with North Bay REB next week

New Sites

  • Waterloo-Wellington site were enthusiastic about project proposal → to be discussed further this week

  • Site would have to commit before February in-person training → use this opportunity as a test case for on-boarding new sites

  • Waterloo site has full FTEs to support NAVIGATE roles

  • North Bay to serve as implementation model for sites with lower FTEs → can provide information from this context to re-approach Sudbury

  • Leanne FACT Peele Plus → no prescriber, interested in taking pieces of NAVIGATE (Leanne could use our website); would enable provision of consistent content

Family/Youth Advisory Committees:

  • Family advisory committee members from CAMH recruited

  • Karleigh developing terms of reference and confidentiality document for McCain, which can be used as a template for EPI-SET

  • Augustina to attend SC meeting as of next week

  • Youth committee to start in the new year → only 3 members currently (Coulson can only participate via teleconference right now)

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