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Steering Committee: November 14, 2018

In attendance: Aristotle, Lillian, Eva, George, Janet, Dielle, Nadia, Chelsi

Action Items:


  • Create list of all Protocol and TAHSN updates before submitting an REB amendment (Fidelity measures in TAHSN (CAMH and sites), ADDIS, DUP, ePRO) – Nadia/Chelsi

  • Finish Piper’s new contract – Dielle

  • Arrange Zoom or in-person meeting with Dr. Carolyn Steele Gray at Bridgepoint to demo ePRO goal attainment tool – George

  • Follow-up with Jean Addington about DUP measures – Dielle

  • Contact Slaight Family member for advisory committee (OSSU recommendation) – Dielle

  • Establish agenda for youth advisory committee and start meetings – Dielle/Karleigh

  • Need to determine who has executive privilege, voting rules, tie-breaks, etc. in governance meetings – SC

  • Update governance structure – Nadia/Chelsi


Pre-Training & Training

  • IRT modules need to be linked into the pre-training invitation – Chelsi

  • Put calendar holds for new potential in-person training dates (Feb 13-14-15 2019) – Chelsi


  • Send slides about ECHO model Hub structure and example of operations team versus clinical team with their respective roles - Eva



Sudbury Site Update:

  • Sudbury site interested in leaving the study → concerns regarding FTEs, caseloads, staffing changes and work loads

  • Site lead (Anne-Marie) is interested in research and the project

  • Call Nov 15 2018 at 11:30AM to address the situation

  • Manager → Amanda Conrad

  • Possibility to put the site on hold and to bring it up at a later date or have a different sites join down the line



1. North Bay → 2 follow-up emails sent, no responses received

2. Niagara → responses to REB comments sent to site lead (Krista Whittard), the site wants to understand implications and impact of the project

3. Durham → we sent the full REB package.

  • Clinical lead (Sheila Gallagher) expressed concerns about starting pre-training and fidelity pieces before REB.

  • Yvonne, REB manager, will meet for full-board review on December 3rd, 2018

  • Yvonne indicated that we can start with implementation component without REB approval because this constitutes an exploration phase → we have received this approval in writing

  • Durham Fidelity evaluations will be staggered at the end of fidelity assessments and they will be able to partake in pre-training calls

Fidelity Assessments

  • All Fidelity assessment measures are in the approved Protocol

  • Fidelity measures are not fully addressed in TAHSN (only reference to the protocol), which focuses on human subject level research

  • Fidelity measures can be added to TAHSN once all amendments are incorporated.


  • All site contracts have been sent and are under review

Measures Updates

  • Dr. Carolyn Steele Grey at Bridgepoint is the contact for the ePRO tool to measure goal attainment as part of quality of life assessments (original suggestion from Eddy Nason)

  • We can arrange a meeting in person or via zoom to demo the tool with the team

  • Jean to provide updates for DUP measures

  • ADDIS used in Miner’s Lamp study → to be added as substance use measure

  • All protocol updates to be submitted together for next REB amendment

Youth/Family Committees

  • Local → 1 youth to join steering committee and 1 to join advisory committee

  • Youth member at Niagara is currently receiving services – not eligible (on hold)

  • 2 more from North Bay → waiting to hear back from them

  • Karleigh is creating an agenda for next steps for youth advisory committee (terms of reference, governance structure) and will provide training and support.

  • Committees to start with 4-5 members until the remainder join


Pre-Training & Training

  • Dates have changed to Tuesday from 12PM-1PM → Starting Nov. 21 2018

  • North Bay and Durham have confirmed. Niagara has not responded.

  • Durham → 4 staff can’t make the first call (call can be recorded through Zoom)

  • Calendar invites sent out for the next year so that timing can be reserved for post-training calls

  • New potential dates for in-person training → February 13-14-15 2019 → Janaki to confirm these dates with trainers

Training Sustainability Plan for Navigate Competencies

  • Development of NAVIGATE competency certification → could be online or in-person

  • This could serve for CAMH staff and sites on an annual basis

  • Create partnerships with education department

  • Online options allow us to overcome barriers to include more rural areas

  • CAMH could provide a provincial training hub for NAVIGATE competencies and pilot this training for CAMH and EPI-SET sites

  • Education experts need to be consulted to distil in-person training to create a learning and training tool for future training sessions → Sanjeev

  • ECHO to also play a role in sustaining NAVIGATE competencies through smaller teaching pieces

Governance Structure

1. Operational Committees = Central Hub

2. Rename → Implementation & Sustainability Committee

3. Executive team (PIs and PAs) is not a separate entity but can be used to make executive level decisions when necessary/uncertain situations

4. Site representation on the governance structure

  • Site leads and clinician leader on the implementation and sustainability committees.

  • Fidelity assessors may also be representatives from the sites.

  • They will also be represented through the youth and advisory committees.

ECHO Roles

  • ECHO Hub Members – typically 5 members, identify roles (note takers, librarian, facilitator, physicians, clinicians, moderators, etc)

  • We will need to rotate ECHO Hub members (ex. residents)

  • Potentially hire RA/RC for ECHO component

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