Steering Committee: Wednesday December 5, 2018

In attendance: Aristotle, George, Janet, Nicole, Nadia, Chelsi, Dielle, Janet, Nandini, Augustina, Karleigh

Action Items:

EPI-SET Web Portal:


  • Follow-up with North Bay & Durham REB → Dielle

  • Complete Durham DSA for service agreement → Dielle/Nadia

  • Youth/family advisory committees to arrange meeting before the New Year → Dielle/Karleigh

  • Develop terms of reference and confidentiality agreement for both advisory committees → Dielle/Karleigh

  • SC members are to review Governance Structure document with track changes and forward to Nadia → All SC Members


  • Review final Implementation Landscape at next SC meeting → Alexia




  • Durham REB meeting → Dielle spoke with Yvonne who indicated that they are hopeful that approval will be received, Dielle to follow-up

  • North Bay REB → no response received from call 2 weeks ago, Dielle is reaching out for updates

  • Service Agreements have been circulated to all sites. Durham requires an additional document → Nadia/Dielle are completing this and following-up with sites about contract status

  • Dielle & PSSP discussed streamlining communications for sites → Implementation Landscape Interviews will start after in-person training (after February 15th, 2019)

Governance Structure

  • Operations Committees are broken down into 4 working groups

  • Each Operations working group has a point-person from the SC

  • In future, there will be a designated time during the SC meeting to go over updates from each of the Operations Committees updates.

  • Only higher level items and topics lacking consensus will be brought from Operations Committees to the SC for decision-making.

  • There will be bi-directional communication between the operations committees and the implementation committee, family advisory committee and youth advisory committee. Example: |George’s discussion with Dr. Steele-Gray regarding the ePRO tool (possible quality of life measure/platform) will be brought to the youth advisory committee for feedback about the utility of this assessment → updates will be communicated to the SC

Youth/Family Advisory Committees

1. Augustina Ampofo, Lead Youth Advisory Committee Representative, joined the Steering Committee today

2. Karleigh Darnay will support youth/family engagement for the project

3. An introductory email was sent to youth/family advisory committee members → meeting time to be established before the end of the year

4. Site Recruitment:

  • Criterion → looking for stable clients or those nearing exit from service/discharge

  • Currently have 3 members for youth committee at CAMH → could start revising flyers

  • Option to present the project and scope/responsibilities of advisory committee membership to the sites individual → in-person or via Zoom

Knowledge Exchange (PSSP)

  • EPION meeting at the end of January 2019 → incorporate EPI-SET/NAVIGATE project into agenda, possibly present web portal

  • OSSU retreat on December 7, 2018 → Aristotle to communicate with ministry representatives re: EPI-SET

  • EPI-SET could serve as a keynote for the next EPION Conference (end of 2019)

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