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Steering Committee: September 9, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


  • Add Wanda, Allison, and Melanie to Steering Committee meeting invites – Andrea

  • Going forward, e-NAV work will be a standing item - Andrea

  • Follow-up with Kerri about status of peer support workerAbanti

  • Ask sites about AC members to connect with clients about research - Abanti


Current REB Approvals

  • Durham: e-gift cards & family member assessments

    • Meeting scheduled for Monday to discuss COVID measures amendment

    • North Bay: e-gift cards & family member assessments, COVID measures

    • CAMH: e-gift cards & family member assessments, COVID measures

    • Sudbury: e-gift cards & family member assessments, COVID measures

    • Thunder Bay: e-gift cards & family member assessments, COVID measures


  • CFIR amendments have gone through for North Bay, Niagara, Sudbury, and Waterloo – waiting on official approvals

  • Need to submit CFIR amendment for Thunder Bay, currently working on contract

  • Legal: have provided legal office with budget, and explained that work is being contracted by scientist from SickKids using our protocol

  • SickKids is asking for an REB submission at their site – Dielle is following-up on this

  • The e-NAVIGATE study has proposed a similar process so may need help with this when preparing REB submission


  • First ECHO session is on September 18th

  • Circulated sign-up sheet for case presentations to sites

  • The newer hub members will be attending the Ontario Super Hub virtual training session

Advisory Committees

Engagement Evaluation

  • Andrea is coordinating meeting with Simone to discuss objective evaluation of AC contributions

  • Engagement survey data are being sent to Simone and Divya regularly


  • YAC will be working on quality improvement suggestions for Fidelity – Augustina is following up with Sandy and Janet

  • YAC members invited to Journal Club

  • Also interested in video/outreach


  • FAC Video has been sent out to everybody and received positive feedback

  • Lillian is following up with Sandy and Janet re: FAC quality improvement feedback

  • Planning a training session with Connie on what it means to be involved in research

  • Monthly meeting on Thursday

Patient Measures

  • Total Referrals received: 43 (Durham: 22; NB: 6; Niagara: 11; Waterloo: 3; Sudbury:1)

  • Baseline completed: 21 (Durham: 10; NB: 4, Niagara: 5; Waterloo: 1; Sudbury: 1); 6-month F/U completed: 2

  • Participants scheduled this week: 2, with 1 rescheduled for next week

  • Family participants scheduled this week: 1

  • Have recently received a lower number of referrals due to staff turnover and vacations at sites; this has been address at site meetings

  • Research team is actively working with clinicians to work around frequent rescheduling of participants, obtaining more context to assist with booking

  • Peer Support Workers

  • Kim has suggested their peer support worker facilitates research referrals

  • Kerri previously said their PSW was sick, Abanti will follow-up

  • For sites that don’t have a PSW, it may be helpful to connect a YAC member with a client

  • If youth are hesitant/interested but want more information on research involvement, we can see if a YAC member can connect with them

Implementation Outcomes

Data Collection Timeline

  • Discussed the plan for data collection at each site over the course of the project

  • Fidelity Reviews: baselines completed at first 3 sites, in progress for second wave sites

  • Trying to make more efficient by having less narrative in reports

  • Readiness survey will be sent out with all Fidelity reviews

    • Surveys are completed by each staff on a team to assess their motivation, self-rated skills, and perception of support to implement NAV

    • Received high survey response at first 3 sites, but not others – plan to increase responses by making the survey part of the package of Fidelity reviews next time

    • Got very good response at first 3 sites, but not from second wave

    • Some feedback from sites shows that newer staff are picking up NAV better than staff that have been in program longer

    • Will ensure sites are not getting all efforts in the same month

    • Established streamlined list of indicators that will help us understand how well programs are delivering model (i.e. how much they are contacting clients, extent to which delivering material)

  • Talking to sites now, showing them the indicators and introducing idea to them of collecting the data

  • Working with sites to pull random sample of program clients that have had exposure to NAV and they or staff will complete metrics about the last year

  • Feedback: We will need to work on how to incorporate elements of the model of care and participant-related factors that can affect virtual delivery of care and access

  • Janet will need to meet with the e-NAVIGATE investigators regarding Fidelity


  • Going forward we will include the e-NAVIGATE sub-study discussion during this meeting

  • Will need to have Wanda and Alison join – also Melanie who is co-PI

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