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Steering Committee: October 9, 2019

Wednesday October 9th, 2019

Please see below for the action items and minutes from the October 9th Steering Committee Meeting.

In Attendance: Abanti, Andrea, Laura, Aristotle, Dayna, Mary-Hana, Lillian, Sarah B, Paul K, Alexia, George, Dielle, Lillian, Augustina


  • Call Durham to clarify ECHO case presentation - Nicole/Dielle-completed

  • Send outlook calendar invites for pre-webinar calls – Dielle/Sarah

  • Finalize new sites/ new staff onboarding document /checklist and send to PSSP to review – Dielle

  • Send out post training feedback survey – Dayna/Mary Hanna

  • Follow-up on outsourcing French translation of IRT handout – Sarah

  • Next implementation call- remind sites about clinical tracking form/ local IS leads to train sites on the database– Laura//PSSP

  • SEE calls need to be scheduled and coordinated with trainer and sites – PSSP- in progress

  • Communicating to the sites which clinicians should be on what calls etc- PSSP/Dayna- in progress

  • Reach out to physician groups at each site about NAV Training– Aristotle/George



  • Create a rotating schedule for each site going forward for the next 8 months rather than sites volunteering to present cases so everyone has a turn go present- Dielle

  • Inform ECHO spoke members that if they have any clarifications or need support in filling out the case form or choosing a case the research team is happy to help and accommodate

  • Implementation call should be used to remind individuals about commitment and participation – PSSP


  • Sites need to confirm which dates and times work best for the pre-webinar calls by the end of this week as trainers must be informed; otherwise dates will be selected and outlook invites will be sent

  • Every staff member is to attend 2 one hour webinars – these are mandatory

  • All NAVIGATE and current roles have been obtained, except Durham – PSSP

  • Onboarding document and checklist is being drafted to assist with standardizing the onboarding process and to clarify roles around dissemination of information – the checklist will also be uploaded on portal under training tab


  • Going forward atleast one site lead and PSSP member should be on the calls –as it is important to be aware of what is happening at each site and any concerns raised . Dayna to attend this week’s call and PSSP can rotate on who attends the calls


  • Going forward, sites would prefer to consolidate information flow through PSSP implementation specialists

  • PSSP going forward can put together 3-4 points of what is going on at each site and sending updates to the research team on a weekly basis to bring awareness of any ongoing issues

  • Going forward, restructure project call agendas to focus on implementation that site leads can speak to; quarterly project calls can be more broadly scientific

  • Post- training survey will be sent out to the sites- PSSP to convey the importance of completing the feedback surveys so we can use the information to provide feedback and improve the calls going forward

  • Translation of IRT handout- PSSP to explore possibility of outsourcing and reach out to North Bay to see if they can suggest can services.


  • YAC/FAC presentation schedule will be uploaded on the portal

  • Augustina will remind YAC about the monthly survey and will send her comments to Divya; survey has already been reviewed and edited by FAC.

  • Augustina and Lillian open to identifying themselves to differentiate leads and members responses on the monthly surveys going forward


  • Template and outline for presentations and talking points to be circulated next week – Laura/Sarah


  • Four members of research team completed UAT for REDCap and some things need to be fixed

  • Finalize safety SOP based on sites and PSSP feedback and discuss UAT for REDCap at next Patient Measures and Outcomes meeting – George/Dielle/Abanti

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