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Steering Committee: October 23, 2019

Wednesday October 23rd, 2019

Please see below for the action items and minutes from the October 23rd Steering Committee Meeting.

In Attendance: Augustina, Alexia, Dielle, Abanti, Andrea, Laura, Dayna, Lillian, Sanjeev, Aristotle, Janet, Nikki, George


  • Invite Mary Hanna to next patient measures meeting – Abanti

  • Send out ECHO post session survey to attendees – Abanti completed

  • Send reminder emails to didactic and case presenters for next ECHO session – Abanti completed

  • Connect with RMS re: referral component of the database – Abanti/Dielle

  • Post dates for pre-webinars and post SEE calls on website – Andrea completed

  • Send Laura engagement measures and guiding questions to distribute to FAC – Nicole

  • Connect new and existing sites together to help facilitate recruitment & share info sheet – PSSP

  • Remind sites about EPION slides to be in by Nov 11-12 – PSSP

  • Review EPION slides Lillian drafted – Dielle

  • Research team to provide talking points and skeleton of powerpoints for the site leads – Andrea/Laura

  • Finalize new sites/ new staff onboarding document /checklist and send to PSSP to review – Dielle

  • Complete bid waivers and POs for next week – Dielle/Abanti

  • Follow-up with Erin Kennedy about the IT requirements for North Bay – Dielle

  • Add phone and fax numbers of local police from each site to safety SOP – Abanti



  • Third ECHO session was a success! Excellent engagement from the sites, having all the sites at the session really makes a big difference

  • At next ECHO, Sanjeev to briefly talk about the importance of post survey feedback from sites because only 3 responses received from last month’s post survey

  • Recommendations to be sent out to sites and posted on the web portal by the end of this week

  • Ask PSSP to communicate to sites about the rotating schedule and disseminate to site leads

  • Going forward will remind presenters for the next session immediately after the last session and another reminder will be sent out 2-2.5 weeks before ECHO; PSSP will facilitate and also provide reminders

  • All new sites staring our project are welcome and encouraged to observe and engage but will formally start ECHO once the new round begins next year

  • Thunder Bay at the moment should not be doing the post-session surveys

  • Important that sites obtain training before they start as it might affect recommendations that are not in line with NAVIGATE model

  • Dielle following up with Durham regarding IT, perhaps Niagara and North Bay down the line as well


  • The schedule for pre-webinars have been posted on the website and will be sent to PSSP to send out to sites closer to the dates

  • 8 responses received from the post training feedback survey, will summarize all the information of the responses and report back to steering committee next week

  • So far, many IRT responses received, qualitative information and areas of improvement

  • Training and pre-webinars are being recorded and available for live streaming if needed. Dayna to send information about adobe connect a week before the pre-webinars

  • Animation video from Education services is in progress and will be available by Nov 7th

  • Draft of the staff onboarding document to be ready early next week and will send to Dayna to review and add comments. Going forward this can be used for new and existing sites


  • Discuss with our RMS to figure out if it’s feasible to merge referrals into the existing clinical tracking database; important to restrict the information as research team shouldn’t see sensitive clinical data

  • Should have an update for PSSP at the next steering committee

  • SEE calls for new staff from current sites have been scheduled and will be posted on the website

  • Sites have confirmed that their prescribers will be attending the in-person training


  • Divya to attend the next YAC meeting and present information on engagement measures

  • Baseline Assessment Report sent to YAC and will be discussed at this Friday’s meeting

  • Nicole to send engagement measures and guiding questions to Laura before the next FAC so they have time to review and guide the discussion

  • Present information meet re: recruitment at next YAC & FAC

  • Ideally, there should be 6-7 members on each committee; with each new site coming they can bring a member for each committee

  • Can ask newer sites to start brainstorming how to do that or get existing sites to help to manage recruitment – PSSP to connect sites together


  • All EPION slides to be finalized one week before the presentations; ready by Nov 11-12

  • 10-12 min presentation, allow for 2-3 minutes for questions at the end

  • No strict guideline to follow for the presentation for site leads and FAC/YAC leads

  • Sharing experiences in a genuine way that will allow other sites to have a realistic idea

  • Why you joined, what is the structure of the project, what they represent, how often they meet, what their roles are etc etc.

  • Lillian and Augustina to connect with Divy and Simone to go through the structure of the slides


  • Need to submit bid waiver to legal because cumulative amounts from both trainings are more than $25K; Dielle to meet with finance to proceed forward

  • POs to be processed this week

  • NAVIGATE contract signatures received from trainers, to be finalized with internal approvals shortly

  • Follow-up with REB for approval of YAC/FAC posters


  • Figured out process of electronic form 1; complete and send to local police

  • Add phone and fax numbers of local police from each site so it’s easily accessible

  • Final version of safety SOP to be ready this week – George

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