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Steering Committee Meeting: August 19, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2022


  • Keep track of challenges sites encounter with new NAVIGATE material, let EPI-SET team know (can be used for October's IRT ECHO session) - Dayna



Submissions & Statuses CFIR Amendment

  • CAMH - approved

  • Niagara and North Bay have been sent

  • Waterloo and Sudbury – preparing to send

Covid Measures Amendment

  • Approved: Niagara, North Bay and Sudbury

  • Pending: Durham and Waterloo

    • Durham REB views additional COVID measures as separate project, however it is not separate (same consent and recruitment process), and will be used to understand the impact of the pandemic on the existing measures of this study. Dielle has sent email explaining this and currently awaiting response.

    • Waterloo – Meredith is trying to expedite the process

Thunder Bay - Original Submission

  • Has been sent a few weeks ago, following up with site lead


  • COVID measures contract drafted; in final review process then will send to CAMH legal department

Staffing Update

  • Laura’s last day is this Friday, we are so sad to see her go!

  • Laura has been leading the Family Advisory Committee and REB work.

  • Lillian expressed that Laura has been wonderful to work with, a highly valued and active member of the committee.

  • From Dayna, PSSP will also miss you and enjoyed working with you.

  • Moving forward, Brannon will be taking over the FAC and REB work. Laura has been meeting with Brannon to ensure a smooth transition. Brannon is also meeting with Karleigh to support FAC onboarding.

  • We wish you all the best, Laura!

Regulatory Documentation

  • Andrea will be reaching out to project team members for updated CVs and outstanding TCPS-2 certificates


  • Completed our last summer ECHO session yesterday; on the topic of resilience and self-care among clinicians.

  • 19 spokes in attendance, all sites present. Good engagement, lots of discussion about how teams have been managing self-care.

  • With feedback from sites and PSSP, we’ve moved the ECHO sessions from Tuesday at noon to Fridays biweekly at 10am to better accommodate site availability

  • Our formal curriculum will begin on Sept 18th; the Sept 4th session was cancelled as many clinicians and staff will be off

  • Have already secured first 3 session presenters and facilitators

  • Have reached out to Lillian to attend second session on Family Education. Will connect Lillian with Vivian (Slaight family worker)

Distributing New NAVIGATE Content – PSSP

  • The NAVIGATE team has distributed new NAVIGATE content to CAMH (mostly layout changes)

  • PSSP team has disseminated the new material and created electronic files/accessibility features

  • All sites are using the new material and no issues have come up

  • If there are any challenges with the new material, it can be covered during the October ECHO session on IRT


Post-Training Calls

  • Post-training calls have all been completed

Fidelity Assessments

  • Sudbury: Interviews are completed and Anne-Marie is currently conducting chart reviews

  • Durham: Lauren is discussing QI with the team

  • Sandy met with new management team and Thunder Bay

Advisory Committees


  • Meeting is next week

  • Augustina will be meeting with Janet and Sandy early next week to talk about different types of measures and opportunities


  • • Video is complete – to be reviewed at next meeting before circulation

  • • Janet and team Fidelity assessment report still working on that.

Patient Measures

  • • Total Referrals received: 41

  • • Baseline completed: 17 (Durham: 10; NB: 4, Niagara: 3); 6-month F/U completed: 1

  • • Participants scheduled this week: 2

  • • 1 Family member enrolled this week, 1 more scheduled

  • • Using site clinic meetings to discuss referrals we haven’t been able to get in contact with

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