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Steering Committee: May 22, 2019

In attendance: Nicole, Paul, Dayna, George, Jasmyn, Chelsi, Lillian, Janet, Aristotle, Nandini, Sarah

Action Items

  • Send Gordon Langill protocol, link to the website, and forward next SC committee meeting invite – Janet

  • Inquire about peer support measurements – George/Sarah

  • Streamline service user documents – Nandini/Chelsi

  • Add the WHODAS family assessment to FAC agenda– Lillian/Chelsi

  • YAC to review the patient measure assessments for engagement – Augustina (see attached)

Post-Training Support Calls

  • Email PSSP attendance – Chelsi (done)

  • PSSP to connect with the clinicians/physicians regarding attendance to the calls. Possibility connecting with site leads if there is lack of attendance. – PSSP (Dayna to bring forward to the team)

  • Add the attendance to the website – Jasmyn/Chelsi

  • Connect with Family clinicians/Susan regarding documentation – Chelsi



Update: CIHR Report

  • Dielle working on it and may need input from some SC members – she will follow up with an email if so

  • Deadline is June 14th

  • Reporting :

  • We don’t have to report to the ministry annual, though we have to report to CIHR directly

  • However, we want to keep the ministry in the loop with project updates.

  • Frequency of ministry updates should be around every 6 months

  • Need to have a conversation around the dissemination of the project updates (social media, ministry, etc)

  • After CIHR is submitted in June we can start putting together an update for the ministry

Update: EPION Conference

  • Both parts submitted

  • Successful applicants will be notified by June 28th

  • Conference date is November 19th- 20th

Service Use and Outcome Measure Working Group Membership

  • Meets monthly; currently looking to diversify their members and sources of input, currently all members are researchers.

  • One suggestion is to invite Gordon Langill, a provider, to join:

  • He has fidelity knowledge and is a link to EPION

  • Could speak towards FEP gaps within provinces

  • Would need to orient him to the project (Adding him to the REB protocol, Complete all mandatory trainings, etc)

  • Documents to send him (protocol, link to the website, invitation to next SC meeting)

  • Also building on SC discussion last week, the committee can seek family and youth input through connecting with the FAC/YACs.

Measuring Peer Support

  • Figuring out how to measure peer support beyond qualitative data

  • Some sites do not have peer support, though since we have it here at CAMH we should look in doing it broadly as well – larger than the EPI-SET project

  • What measures would be good for this?

  • Connect with Sean Kidd – he did work around peer support post discharge – for him to share the grant to us

  • On track New York

  • Because it wasn’t a part of the RAISE study – it would be hard to measure that as part of the grant

  • Lisa Dixon – George tried to find the website she used in her presentation but could not. Will connect with her

Update: Measuring Family Members

  • WHODAS version for caregivers

  • Would be better to have an assessment for family members that the patients are already doing for comparing and contrasting – it would be an interesting moderator of outcomes.

  • Paul to attend one of the FAC meetings

  • Ideally would like the 12 item WHODAS for caregivers

  • Much easier time aligning the WHODAS with the patient and family members – the wording is different but the concepts are the same

  • Doing cross work on different measures would be harder

  • Send to the FAC for review

Update: Youth Measures

  • Please see attached.

  • Potentially using the SURF though that is only done every 6 months on a 1 month reflection

  • We are not collecting data on the Clinician Contact forms, though the sites are using them and inputting them into the charts. If we needed to go back and look at them we can put in an REB amendment

  • For revision with YAC and Augustina

Post-Training Support Calls

  • Email PSSP attendance

  • PSSP to connect with the clinicians/physicians regarding attendance to the calls. Possibility connecting with site leads if there is lack of attendance.

  • Add the attendance of who was on the calls within the website

  • Currently only 2 SEE workers

  • Family documentation question

  • CAMH: families have their own charts so they can place attendance and documentation there

  • Ask Niagara how they recorded documentation pre NAV

FAC when is the next date!

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