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Steering Committee: May 13, 2020

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

Wednesday, May 13th, 2020

Attendance: Andrea Alves, Abanti Tagore, Laura Grennan, Dielle Miranda, George Foussias, Janet Durbin, Alexia Jaouich, Augustina Ampofo, Lillian Duda, Aristotle Voineskos, Sarah Bromley, Nikki Kozloff:


  • Follow-up on Durham’s comments and send back – Laura/Dielle

  • Follow-up with sites re: their COVID questions and make edits to measures – Laura

  • Upload updated protocol and ICF to the website – Andrea

  • Share community of practice plan with the Steering Committee – Andrea/Dayna

  • Connect with Sanjeev regarding ECHO schedule – Abanti

  • Follow-up about the Peer Support Worker – Dielle

  • Follow-up on how sites schedule first visit/research information sheet - Alexia



REB Update:

  • Approval from North Bay, recent amendment allows us to reimburse participants with e-gift cards

  • Durham replied with comments, once we make the edits they will expedite approval

  • Upcoming amendment for COVID-19 measures for research visits

    • Laura is in process of adapting the measures from a depression study


  • Keep the medication lists sorted alphabetically by generic names instead of brand names

  • Edit the “consumption” of news question to say “watch/read/listen”

  • The next amendment also includes some administrative changes, like changing Krista’s name to Kerri’s for Niagara


  • Durham contract fully executed


  • We are going to add more language about data sharing to our page

  • We referred to the data sharing language in the ModSoCCs consent form

  • We will share de-identified data with those that request it, not specifying timeframe

  • We will mention that investigators who are not project collaborators may require data sharing agreement based on institutional policies

Protocol Paper

  • The protocol paper for BMJ was approved

  • It will be shared with stakeholders once it is available online

Advisory Committees

Youth and Family Advisory Committees

  • Janet and the Implementation Evaluation team to attend upcoming meetings (YAC in May and FAC in June)

  • FAC has a new member joining on Thursday she is from Durham

    • This member’s loved one received NAVIGATE in Durham and then moved to North Bay and expressed that the transition was seamless. A great example of NAVIGATE working to standardize care

  • YAC has potential new member – Laura is reaching out


Community of Practice

· Online Forum is being developed and tested by Andrea, Laura, Dayna and Jeff

  • Soft launch goal is by June 1st

  • We will share the plan and updates at next meeting

· Post-Training Calls

  • Yesterday on IRT call, Piper discussed Module 5 and a case presentation

  • Clinicians expressed satisfaction with seeing how to deliver a module and apply to a case

  • Clinicians have been more engaged in the post-training calls since COVID-19

· PSSP Update

  • The Implementation Team has been busier in the last 8 weeks helping sites with virtual care and NAVIGATE delivery

  • The last couple Implementation Committees have seen active engagement, sites are connecting with each other


  • It would be best to continue the ECHOs throughout the summer, especially during the pandemic when there is a high need for support and people aren’t on vacation

  • Trainer calls will be wrapping up and we want to continue momentum through summer

  • Revisit this with Sanjeev, confirm ECHO plan

COVID-19 Tips document

  • Being finalized and distributed shortly

  • Education services working with Laura and Andrea on this

  • The document will also help support intervention-specific calls

  • Long-standing clinician feedback indicated that the NAVIGATE documents were lengthy and not youth-friendly, COVID has helped accelerate improvements

  • Some next steps will be to create fillable documents for patients to send back

  • Virtual care is being well-received by patients based on clinician anecdotes

Patient Measures

Recruitment update

  • 7 total youth participants enrolled and scheduling 2 more referrals for baseline

  • There are no outstanding referrals to be contacted

  • 2 family participants enrolled, 1 scheduled, and 2 being contacted

REDCap referral link

  • Option added for clinicians to provide reason why a participant said no to research

  • Will help us to modify our processes as needed based on feedback

Discuss recruitment strategies and clinician engagement

  • Dielle will be attending clinic meetings, Dayna is coordinating

  • Champion clinicians from Durham and North Bay who have been referring a lot of participants could attend some calls and share their experience with other clinicians

  • Create a short EPI-SET “blurb” for clinicians to communicate to their clients, letting them know that their site is involved in NAVIGATE and the research study

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