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Steering Committee: March 27, 2019

In attendance: Alexia, Jasmyn, Lillian, Dielle, Chelsi, Sarah, Nicole, Aristotle, George, Sanjeev, Augustina, Catherine

Action Items


  • Follow up with Durham regarding contracts, acknowledgement of emails – Dielle

  • Follow up with Sarah and PSSP specialists to see if a reminder was discussed for the in-person training evaluation – Chelsi

  • On-boarding process document – Dielle/Jasmyn/Chelsi


SC Committee

  • Develop a schedule for SC meetings regarding stand in times for committee updates – Jasmyn/Chelsi

Implementation Committee

  • Connect with PSSP team regarding the use of Asana – Jasmyn/Chelsi

Youth/Family Advisory Committee

  • Contact YouthCan regarding consent for engagement evaluation for advisory committees – Dielle

  • Go through all proposed amendments to include for the CAMH – Jasmyn / Dielle

  • Notify the youth/family members regarding delay in compensation – Jasmyn/Chelsi




  • Niagara: Dielle followed up with legal, contracts are on route to CAMH

  • Durham: Have not acknowledged Dielle’s emails. Dielle to follow up.

OHIP Data Discussion

  • Questions regarding the usage of the data and how it is being interpreted. Concerns regarding people within a region though aren’t getting services from that region, would be helpful to include within the research. When would the data piece come into play for reporting

  • Nikki – ICES Role

  • One of the advantages of ICES data is that it captures all hospital and services in the province through a formula, whether it be types of service use either through family doctor/ ED/ in patient unit. Services users with a FEP can be identified.

  • This means that every person who comes in for an EPI program can be compared to those who have the needs of EPI programs but didn’t receive those services.

  • This data won’t become available for a year after it is collected. Therefore in only a year from now, we can discuss this data.

  • It is important that we engage the youth/family advisory committees when we look at the data to formulate how to use it.

In-Person Evaluation

  • Confirm with Sarah and PSSP specialists to see if a reminder was sent out on their end.

  • If not proceed with that.

New Site Onboarding

  • April 8th follow up call with Waterloo Wellington

  • Dielle met with Lisa from YouthCan to discuss their on-boarding processes. Dielle to meet with Jasmyn and Chelsi to develop onboarding checklist.

SC Committee Representatives

  • A structured schedule for committees to update the SC on their work. Example of the 1st and 3rd committee meeting where different groups are penciled in for 10 mins each

Youth and Family Engagement Evaluation Conference Call

  • The team put together a sample of questions for youth and family members for the intension of evaluating the authentic engagement of the advisory members, so it wouldn’t be an afterthought of the study

  • Three different surveys for lead representatives to review

  • Preliminary thoughts regarding timing of administration. Potentially every 6 months as touch points so members feel engaged. à this would need to be added as an REB amendment

  • Diyva (Simone’s post-graduate student)

  • In their current project (that is informing this project), there is a semi-structured interview at the end and an open ended survey every 6 months

  • Consent

  1. We need guidance on other projects that have engaged patient and family members. It would be helpful if these models were at CAMH so we can incorporate similar measures for engagement. Contact YouthCan to see how they evaluate engagement with their advisory committees

  2. Divya has a sample letter that emulates a consent form

  3. As the advisory members are not participants and are a part of the team, we maybe won’t need to get consent from them

  4. Youth hubs -- they get consent because they use the information to improve their processes

  5. Inquire from YOUTHCAN regarding their consent process for advisory committee engagement

  6. Consent is determined by REB based on the intent of the data you are collecting. If it is to soley improve quality then perhaps no consent, though if it is for research purposes and PHI is collected then consent forms will most likely be needed

  7. It most likely wouldn’t be difficult for advisory members to consent as they are already participating willingly to the project

REB Amendments Regarding Advisory Member Compensation

  • We would need a protocol amendment

  • Start with a CAMH amendment first as giving advisory member compensation is a priority

  • Go through all proposed amendments to include for the CAMH – Jasmyn / Dielle

  • Notify the youth/family members regarding this


  • Met on March 25th to discuss governance roles/planning for session/delivering the didactics

  • Need administrative support and leadership – Sanjeev and Nikki for the content co-lead

  • Next ECHO meeting (April 8th) – hopes that the CAMH physicians to join consistently to have clarity around the approach

  • Potential ministry expansion of ECHO – for their funding envelope

Clinician Contact Forms

  • Get the minutes from Jasmyn all the options

  • Fidelity outcomes include:

  1. 1st measure: FEPS

  2. 2nd measure: SURF

  3. 3rd measure: Clinician Contact Forms (existing within NAVIGATE)

  • The clinical teams can collect that data, though if we want to collect them, we can’t say it’s routine care

  • Sites to determine their own methods for use of the contact forms to eliminate the issue of double charting

  • To access a small sub group for the clinician contact forms when fidelity is assessed through chart reviews, instead of looking at all participants

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