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Steering Committee: March 20, 2019

In attendance: Augustina, Lillian, Jean, Nandini, Sanjeev, Aristotle, Sarah, George, Paul, Dielle, Jasmyn, Chelsi, Alexia

Action Items


  • Share progress report with Ministry contacts – Aristotle

  • Also send out email update regarding new site, finished training, etc.

  • Create sub-committee to discuss onboarding new sites – Steering Committee

  • Send follow up email to Lakeridge regarding contracts today Dielle

  • Ask each site lead to complete training evaluation survey and get their team to do it - Sarah

  • Connect with PSSP to distribute Strengths cards – Chelsi

  • Documents and website - Chelsi

  • Add public website to each document/1-pager

  • Add content to website that doesn’t need log-in info (keep some log-in only)

  • Add contact info to website


  • Send ECHO document for physicians – Sanjeev

  • Discuss ECHO roles – ECHO project planning committee

Data Management

  • Create a graphic to demonstrate ICES/longitudinal/site data – Paul

Advisory Committees

  • Review and finalize Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference – Steering Committee Members

  • Check with Josette if Nipissing is affiliated with North Bay site - Chelsi




Remuneration for ECHO calls

  • Can’t bill OHIP

  • Project planning is CPA eligible, and teaching time is accredited, but not as case conference hours

Who is the Slaight point person who is running Zoom sessions for ECHO, there in the background and moderating chats?

  • for now research staff can do that (Chelsi/Jasmyn), but for the long term needs to move out of research funding to ministry funding (and a ministry funded person to take this role)

ECHO co-leads:

  • We need clinician co-leads, not just physicians – these are the people that are part of planning the ECHO

  • Conventional document for physicians – Sanjeev will send

  • The current 3 clinicians that are there are good with contributing to the planning

  • Dr. Williams will only be available for project planning in June

  • Physicians - need to get involved early

  • Laura and Elena (possibly Monica) may be leads as physicians

  • Who is the lead/final decision maker for recommendations? We need to have a better conversation about roles and about who has the role of “lead” for the whole ECHO

  1. The overall lead is responsible for trouble shooting, and recommendations are reviewed by people present at the ECHO,

  2. They make sure there is momentum in organizing and coordinating the ECHO

  3. They own the ECHO in terms of decision making

  4. They know the curriculum, can add/take out content, etc.

  • We should follow ministry model for ECHO if we want to get funded by them later

  • Bring it back to the ECHO project planning committee to decide on ECHO roles

OHIP card numbers/ICES data

  • We need a way to connect individual level data (objective 3) to ICES data

  1. Simplest with OHIP number

  2. If no OHIP number – then can use other linkage methods such as last name, first, date of birth

  • ICES has special privacy considerations – they don’t need consent – if data is shared with CAMH as primary site then we can share according to our ICES data sharing agreement

  • Only people who complete consent form share their health care numbers with us

  • How to capture systems-level data for individuals not consented into our longitudinal part of the study?

  1. Will construct a data sharing agreement between sites and ICES directly then can merge NAVIGATE centers at that end

  2. Still will independent health card numbers during consent (OHIP only – we can only connect OHIP numbers, so no reason to take down other types of insurance numbers)

  3. Paul will create a graphic to demonstrate

Interim reporting to the ministry

  • The progress report should be shared with Patrick, Catherine, people at the ministry

  • We should also provide an email update (e.g. we are done training and new sites are interested in coming onboard)

  • Should have an interim report every 6 months, and at some point there will be data to share

  • Also relevant to Tim H, Anne (research and evaluation branch) – may send a brief update with documents as well. We need to keep ourselves in their mind on a regular basis.

New site – Waterloo-Wellington

  • Waterloo Wellington was one of the sites in the original application

  • It had high staff turnover but it is settling down now, and has a permanent director

  • Very excited/interested in joining as a site

  • We will learn how to onboard with this site

  • Will require all REB/contracts

  • To what extent might we want to do bits of training as other stuff is going on?

  1. They were a fidelity site from a year or two ago as well – Sarah evaluated their site

  2. Could start training and/or fidelity before contracts/REBs – if the site is open to it

  3. Might miss pre-implementation data/it will be less meaningful if we do them after training

  4. Would it skew pre-readiness data if we do things ahead of time?

  • We are working with CAMH education to build more affordable and sustainable training for new sites – newer and lower cost education techniques? Discuss with Sanjeev and team where that is at

  • They were on CIHR grant – so we likely need to deliver some kinds of outcomes for their site

  • Would have been less expensive if they were onboard the whole time

  • There is a call in early April to follow up, and we sent them grant and summary documents – we can discuss the contract and REB process then figure out if we wait for training to start or see if there are smaller things that we can do in the meantime for when they launch in a full manner

  • There is no mechanism in place right now for training – do they join the calls without the training?

  • Latika Nirula – working toward having something in place for September for Navigate for at least some modules (e.g. module 2) – likely not all modules by then. Family might be covered, maybe SEE, likely not IRT

  • Logistically – probably can’t join trainer calls, not sure about ECHO – what about ECHO evaluation data?

  • We will need a separate sub-group of Steering Committee to work it out and sort out the platform for onboarding other sites

  • No huge rush, the site doesn’t have a psychiatrist hired yet

Youth Advisory Committee Terms of Reference document

  • Finalized a few weeks ago by the Youth Advisory Committee, members all gave input

  • It describes what the committee is, does, how it meets, the time commitment, how members will benefit, group guidelines (this came up a few times) such as confidentiality, respectfulness, compensation, having fun, safety

  • We are hoping to finalize for now

  • Steering Committee members will take a closer look and finalize

Family Advisory Committee

  • Just finalizing the Terms of Reference document, there are still some edits to be made

  • Is someone from the North Bay Area (Nipissing) acceptable?

  • There are little micro spokes/satellite sites – we need to check with Josette if Nipissing is affiliated with North Bay of it is independent



  • Dielle sent Lakeridge an email last week with answers to questions – Dielle will send follow up email today

  • If necessary, Aristotle can see if higher level decision makers can get involved

  • Contracts sent to Niagara for signatures – done CAMH signatures

In-person training evaluation

  • Reminder set Monday – 9/24 responses so far

  • Sarah will ask each site lead to complete survey/get their team to do it

Strength cards

  • Chelsi will connect with PSSP to get them distributed to the sites

Documents and website

  • Add public website to each document/1-pager

  • Add content to website that doesn’t need log-in info (keep some log-in only)

  • Add contact info to website

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