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Steering Committee: June 19, 2019

In Attendance: Alexia, Jasmyn, Dielle, Lillian, Augustina, Sarah, Eva, Sanjeev, Nandini, Rebecca, Janet, Nikki, George

Action Items

  • Check if Family Advisory can do e-learning feedback (budgetary) – Dielle

  • Make an engagement and accreditation log – Chelsi/Jasmyn

  • Send around SEE orientation page ¬– Sarah

  • Update statements of collaboration to align with ECHO – Jasmyn/Chelsi/Dielle

  • Lillian to connect with Chelsi/Jasmyn around sharing documents with Sunnybrook – Jasmyn/Lillian/Chelsi

  • Send Service Measures and Outcomes Terms of Reference comments to Chelsi by next week, or we will assume it is approved! – Steering Committee



Family e-learning modules

  • E-learning for family intervention is ready to be piloted (6 modules)

  • It is a true pilot - learning it themselves and going through it fully (including videos, worksheets, etc.)

  • At end of each module, there is a guided feedback tool form

  • Our Family Advisory Committee could potentially do this – we would want to pay them

  • Is this what we want to do?

  • Education services has family but not specific target audience (EPI)

  • Dielle will confirm the numbers but thinks it should be ok to do

  • How many of the 4 members will complete this is TBD

  • We should track engagement activities for CIHR annual reports – research team will make a log

SEE Training Support Calls – plan for when site staff leave the position

  • There is a need for effective onboarding

  • If there is only one SEE role at a site, what happens if they go?

  • For training – we have an orientation page with various links for the interventions (not really optional)

  • SEE tends to be a bit more straight forward than some of the other roles, follows individual placement and support (IPS) model

  • Sarah will send around orientation page

  • Will be part of the onboarding package that PSSP is putting together

  • Additional question from Family Advisory – if youth aren’t ready for SEE yet when they start NAVIGATE, how will this be reflected in the program evaluation?

  • Sarah said this shouldn’t be an issue, this was reflected in the original RAISE study as well

ECHO project planning update

  • Continue to work on different roles for team members

  • Hub members, recommendations, etc.

  • Discussing and finalizing core competencies and how they align with core modules

  • Competencies will be assessed for all staff at baseline and 1-2 times after; staff will record their role on team when they complete and expected competencies can be aligned with role; this assessments may be potential data source for assessing NAVIGATE delivery/fidelity.

  • Working on case form, close to being able to pilot

  • Highlighting modules of NAVIGATE as a part of the form

  • CME Accreditation – just got approved (continuing medical education for physicians, other clinicians also often track this)

  • Will be updating statement of collaboration to align with ECHO’s usual statements of collaboration

  • Will be part of our amendments for first part of the contracts with the sites

Fidelity Assessment

  • Scale and item ratings are being aligned with D. Addington’s most recent version of the scale and US assessment approach; this is a change from the original EPI-SET plan to align with Ontario EPION approach;

  • The Steering Committee discussed rating approach for a small number of items where Ontario context differs from US application;

  • Decisions:

  • Items related to prescribing apply only to clients with schizophrenia-spectrum diagnoses – this subgroup needs to be identified for this rating

  • Partnerships are acceptable to deliver some components of care such as services for substance abuse but programs need to monitor access and care received

  • Psychoeducation delivery – requires evidence of using manualized approach with appropriate training for staff

  • Aligning with US project approach and scale version has resulted in some rating changes and delayed reports but we will move on them now.

Family Advisory Question – Sharing with Sunnybrook

  • Can we share the Family Advisory Terms of reference, etc. with Sunnybrook? Question from Hugh.

  • No reason why not

  • ***Connect with Jasmyn/Chelsi before doing so (e.g. to take out names, confirm which documents are to be shared, etc.)

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