Steering Committee: July 24, 2019

In attendance: Chelsi, Jasmyn, Nikki, Augustina, Lillian, Dielle, Sanjeev

Action Items

  • Chelsi to send Nikki the Project Team list and their role within the project

  • Chelsi to follow up with PSSP regarding FAC recruitment from Durham



On-boarding new sites

  • Waterloo-Wellington and Sudbury are officially in the EPI-SET project (research included)

  • Thunder Bay will be getting NAVIGATE training but they are not participating in the research component

  • Next Steps:

  • Onboarding call with Sudbury sometime next week

  • Recruiting FAC and YAC members from the new sites coming in

REB/Contract Update

  • Waiting on CAMH REB to review the amendments that were put through. They meet on July 30th

  • Sent in Waterloo-Welllington – sent in on July 12th – should have a response end of July

  • After CAMH approval, need to amend: North Bay, Sudbury, Niagara, Waterloo-Wellington (once approved)

  • Contract amendments to: North Bay, Niagara, Durham

  • Preparing Waterloo-Wellington's and an intake form for Sudbury

Protocol Paper

  • Nikki drafted a version – sent out

  • Feedback from the larger group (SC and co-investigators as well) – don’t think there is an author limit

  • Who should be on the list of co-investigators, changes with the sites?

  • Chelsi to send Nikki the Project Team list and their role within the project


  • Completed the Spoke orientation

  • First ECHO session is August 27th

  • Building the pre-post survey and acquiring case presentation sign up


  • Working on an orientation checklist for new staff/sites to have some background on what NAVIGATE is

  • The Family e-module is being vetted currently

  • The simulation and animation to hopefully be done by October/November 2019

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