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Steering Committee: July 17, 2019

In attendance: Jasmyn, Chelsi, Dielle, Alexia, Sanjeev, Lillian, Nikki, Janet, Paul, Augustina

Action Items


  • Send EPION Abstract 2 edits to Chelsi (if any) – Steering Committee

  • Edit and send around draft protocol paper – Nikki

  • Review Manuscript SOP and Data Request form, focusing especially on suggestions for highlighted sections – Steering Committee


  • Follow up with sites about Access database – PSSP/Chelsi

  • Review PSSP tracker for implementation measurement needs – Alexia

  • Follow up regarding ECHO surveys for implementation measurement – Janet will follow up with Eva, Sanjeev, Nikki, and Chelsi

  • Finalize training materials available by November – Sanjeev/Sarah (Latika)

  • Connect with Sheila again regarding Family Advisory Member – Chelsi



1) We will be re-submitting the EPION Abstract (Part 2 only) by July 31st, so if you’d like to suggest any edits, please send them to Chelsi ASAP

2) Nikki has a rough draft of the protocol paper that she has discussed with Aristotle. There are a few changes to make, then she will circulate it to the Steering Committee.

  • There may be sections with edits requested from specific individuals, to help facilitate timely editing.

3) Manuscript SOP and Data Request Form:

  • Edit: add time points as check boxes in the data request form, as not everyone will need every time point for certain measures

  • Edit: Remove the section where an investigator can only make one request at a time.

  • General comments: the EPI-SET study will likely generate a number of papers, and they will likely come up throughout the study (research questions may exist right from the beginning and not necessarily wait until the end of the study)

4) Domains and potential data sources for measuring implementation of NAVIGATE:

(see table)

  • a. We are looking at how to measure delivery of NAVIGATE. We haven’t developed a standardized strategy to collect clinician contact forms; since they are out of REDCap, the process is site specific to capture this data.

  • b. We are looking at what we need to collect to look at the delivery of NAVIGATE - we need to know how NAVIGATE was delivered to interpret outcomes, especially if outcomes aren’t as we expect. The table above is the preliminary draft of how we might do that. Domains are on the left (what fidelity tools generally measure), potential data sources for those domains are on the right. We are trying to draw on existing data sources.

  • c. The Access database that Chelsi has drafted could help to fill some of the gaps. We would need to have someone at the site to maintain the database; the site would need the technological capabilities, etc. Needs to stay local with the sites because of PHI/research restrictions. It could have a reporting function for directors as well. Chelsi will send to PSSP who will work on this with the sites.

  • d. Prescriber role – not sure what the questions are that we would ask in order to measure, or what the best data sources would be for that.

  • e. PSSP tracker as a data source of any of these? Alexia would want to take a look more closely at what is collected, but it should have relevant information.

  • f. ECHO pre-post questionnaires could also be a data source. Competencies are mapped on to the modules. We will be creating self-efficacy questions based on these competencies. Participation could also be an indicator. Janet will follow up with Eva, Sanjeev, Nikki, and Chelsi.

5) Implementation Committee Questions

  • We are cancelling the project team meeting in August

  • For today’s Implementation Committee:

  • Sites are having staff turnover already, and more anticipated in the fall

  • Anything specific to share with the sites at the Implementation Committee meeting around training?

  1. We are going to talk with NAVIGATE trainers

  2. We are working with Sanjeev’s team/Latika to make a sustainable/blended training model (potentially with a certification for individuals, i.e. they are “certified” in NAVIGATE after the training)

  3. The idea is that every year we would have some kind of training to deal with attrition/turn over. This year, we have tentatively scheduled it in November around EPION.

  4. Early on, they can go through a “soft onboarding” with different links to videos, articles, manuals, etc. for each of the interventions

  5. SEE calls may switch into training calls, we need to talk to Shirley

  6. We need to finalize what elements might be ready for simulation-based training, would put on a page of all of the resources for the staff

  7. We will finalize what is available for November when Latika is back next week

Thunder bay site update

  1. We’ve agreed to include them in the training

  2. They aren’t in research study (depending on Sudbury)

  3. We are working on the non-research part in the background

  4. PSSP developing KE and engagement strategy to lightly support in the meantime

  5. Support may depend on what their needs are, can probably share most things with them, lessons learned likely apply

  6. They are participating in ECHO in more of an observer role

Durham Family Advisory member

  • We will connect again with Sheila – if anyone is finishing the program soon, they may be interested in participating afterwards

  • IRT/family clinicians at Durham could directly have those conversations

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