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Steering Committee: January 16, 2019

In Attendance: Sarah, Lillian, Janet, Aristotle, George, Augustina, Paul, Nicole, Nandini, Dielle, Nadia, Chelsi

Action Items:


  • Review revised Governance Structure document for full project team teleconference – All SC Members

  • Follow-up with North Bay & Niagara re: contracts – DielleDONE

  • Forward Durham REB response to SC – Nadia – DONE

  • Finalize Durham REB revisions and submit response and consent forms – Dielle

  • Circulate web portal access and orientation guide to full Slaight Distribution list – Chelsi/Sarah


ECHO Project Planning Sessions

  • Circulate Doodle Poll for weekly 1-hour project planning sessions – Nadia/Chelsi - Options: Wednesdays at 4PM and Fridays at 10AM - Add Sarah & George to sessions (rotation possible)

  • Create 1-page document to explain ECHO Sessions to CAMH clinicians – Eva/Sarah

  • Compensation process for physicians attending ECHO Sessions and Prescriber Calls through Case Conference billing – Eva/Dielle

  • Confirm 3 Slaight clinicians joining ECHO Sessions and when their proposed start time for weekly Project Planning sessions - Sarah

NAVIGATE 2.5 Day Training

  • Add family and youth with lived experience to Wednesday the 13th half-day (Zoom option also) – Nadia/Chelsi

  • Inform sites about NAVIGATE Booster calls – Nadia/Chelsi

Post-Training Support Calls

  • Confirm EPI-SET ECHO Session slot in the post-training call rotation – Nadia/Chelsi/Eva - Tuesdays 12-1PM - Duration – 1 hour or 1.5 (half an hour for debrief)? - Confirm physician attendance/availability for ECHO calls

  • Finalize post-training support call schedule for 1 year with all parties – Nadia/Chelsi/Dielle

  • Reach out to Dr. Warsi about Prescriber Calls – Aristotle

EPION Network Meeting

  • Provide web portal orientation guide to Sarah for Network Committee on January 25th – Chelsi

  • Finalize 1-page EPI-SET Key Messages from PSSP Knowledge Broker for network meeting – Nandini

  • Create 1-page EPI-SET document from grant and knowledge exchange – Sarah/Janaki

  • Reach out to site leads if they are interested/comfortable in presenting why they decided to part of the EPI-SET project – Sarah

  • Add George or Nicole to the EPION meeting - Sarah




REB & Contracts:

  • Received Durham REB conditional approval after full board review

  • Durham will require 2-4 weeks to review contract as it will involve REB, privacy and legal teams

  • Durham Fidelity Assessment & Chart reviews will need to be postponed until after full approval is reached. The REB indicated that access to PHI at any level would require full approval in order to proceed with any fidelity procedures.

Governance Structure

  • Final review of revised governance structure document to be discussed on January 22nd teleconference

  • Committee membership and committee meeting frequency and structure to be discussed

EPI-SET Project Team Meeting – January 22, 2019

  • Establish frequency of regular EPI-Set Project Team Meeting → quarterly, bimonthly



  • Slaight clinician representative for weekly ECHO Project planning sessions may not be feasible right away. Clinicians will be available for ECHO sessions in July. Sarah to discuss with clinicians.

  • Three clinicians from Slaight will be able to act as facilitators on the call.

  • New clinicians will be rotated into the ECHO Sessions calls over time to maintain sustainability

  • Sarah and George will act as rotating facilitators as well

  • Is the ECHO 1 hour of education and case discussion and half our of debrief – time slot needs to be confirmed - Determine structure of the ECHO calls - Incorporate NAVIGATE specific elements to ECHO sessions (ex. Education)

EPION Network Meeting – January 25th, 2019

  • Janet to attend meeting with Standards Committee to provide updates about NAVIGATE and EPI-SET Project. Catherine Ford will be in attendance.

  • EPI-SET Project and the web portal have an agenda slot during this meeting

  • 1-Page EPI-SET Project document from PSSP should be ready for this meeting to distribute key project messages

  • George and Nicole to present briefly (tentative)

  • Use as an opportunity to explore opportunities to bring in other sites

  • Focus on the sustainability and spread of the program and emphasizing PSSP and ECHO’s roles

  • Emphasize the role of the EPI Sites – profiling and highlighting what they can do, give credit to first adopters. Ask EPI Site representatives if they feel comfortable speaking during the meeting to describe their experience thus far and reason to join the project.

  • NAVIGATE Lite is not currently available. Manuals are available publicly, but there is a difference between reading a manual and implementing the program formally with training and sustainability considerations which leads to a different kind of practice change.

  • January 25th EPION Meeting → initial sharing of information

  • EPION Meeting in May 2019 → sites could be more involved in this meeting to speak about their experience of implementing NAVIGATE as key stakeholders of the project.t

  • Janet - Sudbury approached PSSP to do a Fidelity Review → approved and will serve as a potential for re-engagement

ePRO Tool

  • Carolyn Steele Gray meeting with Chelsi, Dielle & George

  • Work that has come out of the Bridgepoint in the rehabilitation field

  • Online portal for promoting goal attainment

  • Considered as a possible outcome measure for functionality based on Eddy Mason’s suggestion during the EPI-SET Launch in October 2018

  • Description: Customizable portal for individuals going through recovery for a chronic medical condition/physical rehab → develop their own goals and to track their targets and success toward targets in real time through a mobile app for ANDROID ONLY or via a web portal

  • Goal setting is initiated with the clinician in the room → patient updates independently after this meeting

  • They are not using it as an outcome measure currently, rather it is used as a mechanism to facilitate change

  • Dr. Steele-Gray uses a quality of life measure as the primary outcome instead of the tool

  • Potentially worth exploring outside the context of this study to help support goal attainment as defined by NAVIGATE

  • Could start as a tool to facilitate IRT goal attainment – pilot at Slaight and look at expanding

  • Cons: Start-up cost and support costs, raises data access questions

Post-Training Support Call Schedule (includes ECHO)

  • Finalize ECHO call time duration and time slot

  • Finalize Prescriber call times with all physicians and trainers

  • Circulate and confirm final Post-Training Call Calendar for 1 year

  • Physicians can get CME credit for participation in research studies - Concern about lack of billing hours during in-person training - Concern about lack of compensation during post-training calls

  • Physicians need to be part of ECHO & Prescriber calls

  • Prescribers Calls & ECHO could also be billed as a case conference if they discuss a case and document it (less money, compromise)

  • CAMH physicians to provide personal experiences adopting NAVIGATE to sites during the in-person training

  • Milena Gosk and Laura Williams to be on the prescriber calls – can alternate

NAVIGATE Booster Calls

  • Post in-person NAVIGATE training calls for 6 weeks (end of Feb – end of March)

  • Tuesdays at 12-1PM → remind sites about the call continuity after pre-training calls end

  • Aim: maintain training and skill practice through role playing/simulations with CAMH clinicians who have experienced NAVIGATE training to support sites during in between period 2.5 in-person training and post-training support calls

  • Lead by Sarah or a clinician

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