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Steering Committee: February 6, 2019

In Attendance: Aristotle, Lillian, Jean, Sarah, Augustina, George, Paul, Nadia, Dielle

Action Items:


  • Review protocol for initiation timeframe for data collection after the roll-out of NAVIGATE implementation in April 2019 → Nadia/Dielle

EPI-SET 1-Page Summary Documents (3 Total):

  • Reach out to Nandini & Alexia to finalize draft of EPI-SET Key Messages document before in-person training – Sarah - DONE

  • Ideal to receive finalized draft by February 11-12 to distribute at in-person training – Nandini/Alexia

  • Reach out to Nandini/Alexia/PSSP team to create a simpler document describing the EPI-SET project using lay language that suitable for clinicians, front line staff and advisory committee members (i.e., patients and family members). This document could be drafted based on the EPI-SET key messages document (see above) – Nadia/Dielle

In-Person Training

  • Send Wednesday February 13 Dinner Invitation - Aristotle

  • Add George to Friday Director Call (4:30-5:00) – Nadia

  • Discuss scheduling of prescriber and ECHO support calls on Friday February 15th – Nadia/Chelsi

  • Send reminder email for those who haven’t responded to working lunches, implementation committee meeting and director training session – Nadia

  • Confirm ZOOM or Polycom access for Implementation Committee, Working Lunches and Director Calls – Chelsi/Nadia

Implementation Committee & ECHO Planning Sessions

  • Determine when ECHO Team will join Implementation Committee calls – to be decided on February 8th ECHO Project Planning Session – Dielle/George/Sarah *Attendance should be once per month*

  • Facilitate Initial Implementation Committee Coordination – Jasmyn - Send standing Outlook Invite for Wednesdays including George, Sarah, Aristotle, PSSP team, and ECHO (eventually) - Take minutes

  • Determine frequency of meeting attendance for each Implementation Committee member at next IC Wednesday meeting – Sarah/George/Aristotle/PSSP team *All members should attend at least one meeting per month*




Contracts & REB

  • North Bay contract signed and executed February 1, 2019

  • Niagara contract → CAMH legal team and Niagara team met first week of Jan 2019. Niagara team had a few questions and clarifications were provided by our legal representative Emily Ng and the PIs. Responses to their questions have been forwarded to Niagara’s privacy team and we are awaiting a response. We are hoping to execute the contract by end of Feb/early March 2019.

  • Durham-Lakeridge contract → a few additional comments/questions were brought up by their team. We have addressed the comments. It is not anticipated that the contract negotiation will be as lengthy as the REB approval process. The contract should be executed in the next few weeks.

  • **Fidelity assessments and chart reviews are on hold at Durham-Lakeridge until the contract is executed. The REB and contract approvals are intertwined for this site.

  • REB approvals have been received for all three sites and for CAMH

Data Collection

  • Sarah → questions are being raised about the initiation of data collection for the sites

  • Response → data collection is contingent upon, and will follow, the gradual implementation of NAVIGATE at each site. It is currently expected that this gradual initial implementation process (“trialing and refining stage”), will start as of April 2019. This date corresponds to the start of post-training support calls with the NAVIGATE trainers.

  • It is estimated that this initial implementation phase of NAVIGATE will occur over a 6 month period, according to the protocol, and the rate of implementation will vary from site to site.

  • Based on the Protocol (V2) → there will be a gradual phasing in of recruitment between months 6-12 of the project, corresponding to a timeframe between April-September 2019. Data collection could feasible start between April-September 2019 at the sites, depending on each site’s stage of NAVIGATE implementation and site readiness.

  • In essence, there is no concrete start date for data collection → fluid process

  • Initially, the sites will start practicing NAVIGATE after in-person training and this practice will be supported by ‘booster’ call sessions on Tuesdays from 12-1PM to preserve continuity of learning and practice.


Fidelity Assessments:

  • Fidelity assessment update to be discussed at next SC Meeting regarding the following agenda item: - Contact Don Addington regarding assessment of fidelity in cases with dose reduction vs. discontinuation vs. lowest effective dose (EPI-NET) – Janet

EPI-SET 1-Page Summary Documents (3 Total):

  • PSSP Team & Nandini → EPI-SET key messages document (currently being drafted) is being used for site executive leadership and as a project summary for official events such as the EPION conferences.

  • Sarah → the sites are having difficulty explaining NAVIGATE, the research project and CAMH’s role in this research enterprise. We need a simple information sheet using lay language that is appropriate for clinicians, front line staff, patients, family members, etc. The language about EPI-SET on the web portal is oriented to clinicians and physicians.

  • PSSP Team & Nandini could modify the EPI-SET key messages document to create another simpler version with lay language that would be distributed to potential youth and advisory committee members

  • Janaki is preparing a 1-page document about the NAVIGATE intervention specifically

NAVIGATE Training:

  • Calendar invites have been sent out to all attendees including the agenda and schedule for each day.

  • George not available for Wednesday working lunch

  • Jean → it is important for everyone to go home not feeling overwhelmed after the in-person training. They need to know who they can reach out after the training for support.

  • Wednesday Working Lunch (12-1) → purpose is the introduction to NAVIGATE and its content

  • Friday Working Lunch (12:30-1:30) → PSSP and ECHO need to be involved to present the process of NAVIGATE implementation and sustainability. This lunch will elucidate how CAMH will help the sites implement and sustain the content of NAVIGATE.

  • Implementation Committee Meeting (Friday 10-11:30) → critical meeting involving site leads, PSSP, ECHO and training experts

  • Director Meetings (Thursday & Friday 4:30-5:00) → important for site leads and members of the SC and research team to help structure discussions about the needs of the EPI-SET project

  • Booster Calls with Sarah and clinicians to start right after in-person training for learning continuity. We want sites to start experimenting and practicing with NAVIGATE content before official roll-out in April 2019.

  • Formal post-training support calls start with NAVIGATE trainers in April

  • George → North Bay has already started practicing NAVIGATE skills based on pre-training calls. NAVIGATE trainers received feedback to the same effect.

  • Jean → RAISE sites didn’t have much time to start practicing, but Calgary site did practice with the manual in advance.

Implementation Committee Coordination:

  • Need to determine who is coordinating committee meetings, taking minutes, and executing administrative tasks.

  • These tasks fall under the Implementation Committee’s roles, which are taking place during PSSP’s weekly Wednesday meetings.

  • Need to determine when ECHO will start joining the Implementation Committee calls → to be decided on Friday ECHO Project Planning Session. Involvement doesn’t need to be weekly but ECHO representation should be at least once per month.

  • Jasmyn can support implementation committee coordination and note taking

  • Need formal outlook meeting and discussion with PSSP to determine frequency of attendance for each committee member.

  • All Implementation Committee members should attend at least one meeting each month (includes ECHO & PSSP).

  • Discussion of Committee Co-Chair Assignments at next SC

Youth Advisory Committee:

  • Simone Dahrouge to provide guidance on the implementation of engagement metrics and scales.

  • Meeting to be arranged between Aristotle, Simone, Joanna, Augustina and Karleigh to discuss Youth Advisory Committee metrics, building capacity and engagement. This feedback will be brought back to the SC for discussion.

  • In parallel, Nadia, Augustina and Karleigh will set up a standing meeting for the Youth Advisory Committee and continue building its

  • Terms of Reference have been sent to Karleigh for review and will be sent to Simone Dahrouge as well.

ECHO Project Planning Sessions:

  • Several project planning sessions have been scheduled, as the meetings roll-out a sense, a determination can be made as to who will have to attend which project planning session.

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