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Steering Committee: February 20, 2019

In Attendance: Sarah, Aristotle, George, Eva, Janet, Catherine Ford, Lillian, Dielle, Chelsi, Nadia, Jasmyn

Action Items:

Operational: Contracts & REB Amendments

  • Inquire about ICES contracts with Dr. Kurdyak – Dielle

  • Respond to remaining questions from Niagara Region’s Privacy Office to finalize contract – SC Members/Dielle

  • Incorporate ADDIS scale into next round of REB amendments – SC/Jasmyn

  • Create list of future REB amendments - Jasmyn

NAVIGATE Training Survey

  • Decide who will be in charge of creating and delivering a post-NAVIGATE training survey (ECHO or PSSP) – Implementation Committee

  • Janaki has sent standard template used with CAMH staff to Mary Hanna

  • PSSP and ECHO have survey templates/tools

CME Credits for Prescribers

  • Prepare letter for education hours based on in-person training – Chelsi/Jasmyn

  • PSSP to provide list of prescribers interviewed for Fidelity and length of interviews for CME credits – Chelsi/Jasmyn

Substance Use Metrics

  • Circulate ADDIS substance use scale to Steering Committee – DielleDONE

  • Circulate ADDIS scale to prescribers – Nadia/Chelsi


  • Have offline discussion about licensing and need for multiple Zoom accounts – Eva/Chelsi

  • Circulate ECHO mental health schedule to CAMH clinicians and physicians on the ECHO Project Planning group to observe an ECHO – Christine/Nadia

  • Discuss front loading ECHO registration forms to evaluate technological capacity of each site for ECHO sessions, post-training calls and participant assessments via Zoom videoconferencing – Implementation Committee

EPI-SET Progress Report

  • Create 1-page progress report for sites to circulate to higher-level reports – Implementation Committee

  • Circulate meeting notes from Implementation Committee meeting at in-person training (Feb 15) – SarahDONE



Quick Summary:

  • All sites and frontline staff attended NAVIGATE training from February 13-15, 2019

  • Implementation Committee meetings are occurring after Steering committee meetings each week to further explore the local context and implementation of NAVIGATE

  • Booster training calls with role-play are occurring over the next 6 weeks to support the practice and implementation of NAVIGATE

  • We are currently exceeding the current training standards

  • Gently begin implementation after 6 weeks with the support of PSSP staff

  • Building ECHO sessions out over the next 6 months to launch by July 2019

Debrief on In-Person Training

  • Aristotle → send education credit letters now to build engagement with prescribers

  • Decide upon frequency of education credit distribution

  • Janet → Feedback from implementation specialists indicates that clinicians found the NAVIGATE model to be more flexible that they originally perceived, and felt it had adaptability to their needs

  • Post-training survey → Sanjeev had highlighted the need to execute a survey in a previous meeting

  • There are two types of surveys → one that was distributed with front line staff at CAMH. The other type being a classical education survey. Sanjeev’s team may have models to share that we can adapt for this particular evaluation.

  • Another option is to use a stock model for this survey.

  • Janet → PSSP may also have tools for this type of evaluation

  • Janaki sent survey to Mary Hanna

  • To be resolved during PSSP Implementation Committee Meeting → is ECHO or PSSP in charge of this evaluation?

  • Addition of substance use survey to patient evaluations → ADDIS → covers a wide range of substances (tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, hallucinogens, stimulants, benzodiazepines, etc.)

  • Sites would like a 1-page progress report to circulate to higher level representatives


  • We may need multiple zoom accounts to enable multiple concurrent Zoom sessions (this situation occurred during in-person training)

  • ECHO provides free Zoom license for ECHO sessions

  • For day-to-day use of Zoom, we may need to acquire our own program license (small fee)

  • Take discussion offline

Operational: REB Amendments & Contracts

  • Make list of all updates for next REB amendments

  • Leave Sudbury REB documentation on file

  • Significant changes have been made to Lakeridge’s consent forms. These changes will not be reflected in Niagara and North Bay’s consent forms. (DECISOIN LOG)

  • All consent forms require updated to compensation figures (DECISOIN LOG)

  • No contract updates from Durham site

  • Niagara Contract → privacy office has a few questions and accepted our previous responses. Steering Committee to send responses by the end of this week. The contract is near final execution.

  • Wandersman Readiness Monitoring Tool (RMT) contract still in progress → verbal approval received


  • Need to evaluate site technology needs for ECHO sessions and for participant videoconferencing assessments (i.e., patient outcomes)

  • ECHO prefers to register participants individually rather than at the organizational level

  • ECHO registration form → clearly delineates what ECHO is and what they are signing up for, includes questions about their technological capacity

  • Registration form to be developed during the Echo Project Planning sessions, which can be used to identify gaps in technological readiness and capacity

  • ECHO also conducts a 10-15 minute orientation Zoom call after registration to orient people to Zoom and how to use the functions

  • This conversation is to be continued during the Implementation Committee meeting → implementing the registration form earlier in the ECHO project planning timeline

Project Committee Formation

  • Family Advisory Committee will have its second meeting next month; the Youth Advisory Committee will be meeting for its second meeting on Feb 22, 2019. One youth advisory committee member may no longer be interested in participating, not yet confirmed. We will touch base with this committee member.

  • Implementation Committee has started regular teleconference meetings after SC meetings on Wednesdays

  • Janet → Service Measures & Outcomes Operational Committee (Fidelity) has started meeting once per month - Asking for a template for the terms of reference - Aristotle → the Implementation Committee terms of reference can be used as a template and modified accordingly

  • The Steering Committee’s role will evolve to receive updates from representatives from each project committee and to help with decision making processes. A larger focus of these meetings moving forward will to discuss updates from the Implementation Committee.

  • George → Patient-level Outcome Operational Committee has scheduling meeting with Steve to discuss RedCap

  • The Steering Committee will begin to shift toward decision-making and to develop a system of interaction between the project committees.

  • Begin to gently shift SC to feel comfortable with their decisions and learn a system of interaction with the committees

  • The Steering Committee will discuss new site additions and on-boarding (ex. Waterloo-Wellington is expressing interest).

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