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Steering Committee: December 12, 2018

In attendance: Lillian, Janet, Jean, Alexia, Sarah, Augustina, Chelsi, Dielle, Nadia

Action Items:


  • PSSP team to provide feedback on Durham - Lakeridge Health consent forms before December 14, 2018 at 12:00pm if time permits – Janet, Alexia, Mary Hanna, Nandini


  • Discuss updated implementation landscape at next meeting – Alexia

  • KE team to create 1-page ‘What is EPI-SET Project’ document – Nandini/Alexia

  • The following documents are to be forwarded to Nandini & Alexia: |NAVIGATE description - Sarah/Janaki |Lay project abstract - Dielle

EPI-SET Web Portal:

  • Add staff on-boarding tab for sustainability - Chelsi




REB & Contracts:

  • Lakeridge comments received → want Grade 8 readability level

  • Consent forms have been circulated to Augustina and family committee members for review

  • Full board review on January 7th, 2019

  • Alexia suggestion → PSSP to provide feedback from knowledge exchange perspective to work on readability and plain language of consent forms by December 14th, 2018

  • Niagara reviewing contacts on December 18th

  • North Bay has signed the contract (can’t find the signed form)

Pre-Training Calls

  • Sarah → calls are going well

  • NAVIGATE IRT modules presented flexibly to sites by Piper (trainer)

Web Portal

  • Log-in with CAMH specific email → see attached web portal orientation guide

  • Sarah & Janaki working on summary of each NAVIGATE role → currently being reviewed by George

  • Internal coordination procedures between central and PSSP teams to be discussed Friday December 14th to streamline website uploads

  • Newsletter template developed for future email updates about web portal content

  • Add on-boarding tab for new staff getting training on NAVIGATE at CAMH and the sites to support project sustainability with staff turnover

Family/Youth Advisory Committees

  • Introductory meeting on December 11th, 2018

  • Lillian → only one other family member with lived experience (other family member may not be able to continue participation). Highlighted the importance of recruiting family members at the sites.

  • In future, there may be an option for advisory committee meetings to be done over the phone

  • Need to reach out the sites in-person or via ZOOM to help with recruitment at the other sites → Lillian & Augustina could be part of this process

  • Augustina → in-person meeting would communicate the importance of site engagement (North Bay might need to be done over ZOOM because of the distance)


Landscape Interview

  • Hold-off until next meeting

  • Interviews to be done in late February/March 2019 after in-person NAVIGATE training

  • Interview guide has gone through a few iterations already

Knowledge Translation

  • Alexia → Develop key messages about the project to be shared with other agencies

  • Develop 1-page document to describe EPI-SET project and NAVIGATE to other agencies (EPION)

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