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Steering Committee: December 11, 2019

Wednesday December 11th, 2019

Please see below for the action items and minutes from the December 11th Steering Committee Meeting.

In Attendance: Lillian Duda, Abanti Tagore, Andrea Alves, Laura Grennan, Alexia Jaouich , Dielle Miranda, Nicole Kozloff, Sandy Brooks, Aristotle Voineskos, Sanjeev Sockalingam, Sarah Bromley


  • Connect with Cheryl from ECHO for data on exact responses for each incentive – Abanti

  • Connect to plan IRT calls with Piper – Sarah/Dielle

  • Send over timelines/table of EMR completion descriptions at sites to Dielle - PSSP

  • Send over a fresh email with all documents again to Niagara – Dielle

  • Create one page work flow of patient measures and service measures to circulate to sites - Abanti

  • Send Sudbury and North Bay contracts back to legal to obtain final signatures – Abanti

  • Explore Janet’s old REB with Jen Bertoni for REB for Thunder Bay – Dielle/Laura

  • Brainstorm ideas for recruitment videos for advisory committees for next SC meeting – Laura/Andrea

  • Reach out to reviewer/journal for an update on the protocol paper – Nikki



  • Only three responses received from the last ECHO survey; participants are usually keen at first and then response usually tend to decrease; if there is PSSP support that’s greatly appreciated

  • ECHO team has explored incentivizing survey responses however it only helps marginally

  • If participants complete both surveys, they get $15-25, less if only one survey completed

  • The ideal range for completing surveys was found to be $10-20 - Sanjeev

  • Potential draw with all attendees with a bigger prize; gift cards, aeroplan mile, fuel cards

  • PSSP to remind site to complete the ECHO baseline and post-session surveys

  • ECHO Orientation is being set up with the new sites with help from PSSP – Abanti/Andrea


  • Going forward, PSSP to let sites know to email EPI-SET RA’s: Abanti, Andrea, Laura

  • By late March/early April, we will need two additional webinars with Piper, different from the regular post-training calls; this is part of the second budget and has already been paid for

  • Should hop on a call to figure out the dates for these calls with Piper

  • All post-training calls can resume from January – June

  • Durham and North Bay are having new EMRs being built currently

  • Waterloo to build something similar to REDCap into their own EMR; once it’s finalized Waterloo team will need 2-3 weeks to build it in

  • All sites currently waiting for REDCap to be set up on our end


  • Next FAC on Dec 12th and YAC on Dec 19th

  • Lillian to update us with FAC members preference of survey delivery after next FAC meeting

  • All site leads and website has been updated with members we have from each site

  • Augustina/Lillian to send over their bios/quotes by end of month to add to the website


  • Updates from the privacy call with Niagara team:

  • Some initial confusion due to the back and forth with Access and REDCap

  • Clarified what is being collected with patient measures and service measures

  • Confirmed that we are using REDcap for both

  • Nothing is required from clinicians for patient measures (other than referrals), research team will be carrying out all assessments

  • There is no linking of patient MRN with study ID on our end, the only linking with patient MRN with REDCAp would be done by clinicians; Niagara to use their own sharepoint list for this

  • Obtain signed contracts from Sudbury and North Bay; will have Waterloo’s next week and Durham and Niagara’s by early January

  • Would carry out all other study components with Thunder Bay except for patient measures; submit a modified version with service and fidelity measures

  • Would also require a data sharing agreement as we would be collecting OHIP numbers, postal codes, full names and DOBs to transfer to ICES


  • At the implementation call to discuss IT infrastructure at sites and room logistics at Niagara

  • Research team is ready for referrals to come in and can figure out the kinks and issues as they come

  • Because all research visits will be done at the clinic, will need support from clinic staff to coordinate and schedule the appointment

  • Following the UAT, would be very beneficial if there is support from clinic staff to set up the computer and zoom for the patient before each research visit as it can be very overwhelming

  • Research team currently creating instruction sheet with ZOOM login and set-up for research visits; to be circulated to sites and kept on hand/in the room during all study visits

  • Research team to do site visits to train admin on this if necessary/requested and would be a good opportunity to meet the team as well, face to face

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