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Steering Committee: August 28, 2019

In Attendance: Augustina, Lillian, Dayna, Dielle, Kevan, Laura, Nikki, Janet, George



  • Follow-up regarding timeline for advisory committee surveys - Dielle

  • Reimbursement for advisory committee members - Dielle


  • Sudbury renewal is due September 15. Draft will be sent to Steering Committee mid next week – Dielle/Kevan

  • Contract amendments for sites to be reviewed and finalized by end of next week - Dielle

Post Training Calls

  • Email physicians re: attendance and engagement at support calls/ECHO: George to speak with Aristotle when he is back - George

  • Email Delbert re: support calls being extended to April 2020 since they were started one month later in May (instead of April) - Dielle

EPION/In Person Training

  • Follow-up call with Susan Gingerich about training in Nov - George/Sarah

  • Email sites about tentative dates and ask them to hold both dates in their calendar (Nov 18 and 21) - Dielle

  • Implementation team to 1) coordinate and schedule SEE calls with trainers and 2) get feedback from sites about safety SOP with the sites (sites to respond and provide feedback by mid-next week)- Dayna

  • Draft agenda for Project Team Call next week to be sent to SC for review – Dielle


  • Upload ECHO slides to website once recommendation and summary is provided – Nikki/Kevan/Dielle

  • Follow-up regarding site IT needs – Dayna/Dielle

  • Reach out to Maurey about options for AV packages (webcam, mic etc.) – Dielle




  • New research analyst, Laura Grennan, was introduced. Two other RAs have also been hired for SPOR - starting Sept 3rd and 9th


  • YAC and FAC baseline surveys have been sent to Simone—starting to look at data and pull together results

  • Family Advisory Committee cancelled this month as many couldn’t attend. Next meeting is September 12th


  • REB approval from CAMH has been received

  • Dielle and Laura to work on REB amendments for the other sites

Post Training Calls

  • George and Aristotle to speak with physicians about attendance at Prescriber Post Calls and ECHO; concerns have also been expressed by the sites about physician engagement

  • Prescriber Post Calls –Delbert is fine with half hour calls; from Oct onwards the calls will drop to once every 2 months with the last call ending in April; Dielle to email Delbert regarding end date for Prescriber Calls

EPION/In Person Training

  • EPION registrations for advisory members and some project team members have been completed; site leads to confirm if their registration will be covered by the program

  • Sites and PSSP are inquiring about the training day, as EPION has started to make travel arrangements for some of the members—some of the North Bay team members have their flights booked Nov 18-20

  • George to follow-up with Susan on call last week and confirm training dates. Susan expressed concerns about training new sites based on how things were going with the current sites


  • Project Team Call is next week. Dielle to send draft agenda Steering Committee for review (completed)

  • EPISET web portal–need to upload all meeting minutes for committees and ECHO sessions from May/2019 onwards


  • Pre-survey/baseline – sent out last week

  • Notes from the first ECHO session:

  • Overall good attendance from the clinicians but poor physician attendance

  • Challenge – encouraging site groups to actively participate and balancing that against timing of session

  • Avoid ECHO lingo as it is confusing to other sites

  • Technology barrier to participation; it was hard to hear some people, some not in frame. Dielle to follow-up with sites and ECHO about tech infrastructure and available packages for mic/camera/webcam etc.

  • Lillian suggested that we can provide the sites IT specs as it would be easier for them to procure it and invoice us.

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