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Steering Committee: August 21, 2019

In attendance: Lillian, Augustina, Sanjeev, George, Dielle, Kevan, Sarah, Janet, Alexia, Nikki



  • Send ECHO session reminder and agenda to sites - Dielle

  • Finalize pre-survey in REDCap and send to spoke members - Dielle


  • Prepare REB amendments for the other sites - Dielle/Kevan

Post- Training Calls

  • Resend meeting invite for prescriber calls- change meeting time from 60min to 30min - Dielle/Kevan

  • SEE calls need to be scheduled and coordinated with trainer and sites - PSSP


  • Safety protocol to be circulated to sites for review - Dielle to send to PSSP

  • Send fliers to PSSP for translation - Dielle


  • Remind sites about recruiting FAC and YAC members - PSSP

  • Reminder for YAC and FAC baseline surveys - Augustina/YAC and Lillian/FAC


  • EPION registrations – Dielle


  • Confirm with trainers if the simulation and training can be done in 1 day - Sara



Advisory Committees

  • Recruiting FAC and YAC members from the new sites onboarding and current sites; PSSP to remind sites

  • Simone was inquiring about the YAC and FAC baseline surveys–send reminder to advisory members

  • FAC members would like to know when to expect the next survey and when do we start the survey after each meeting- Dielle to follow-up.

REB/Contract Update

  • Revised consent forms and fliers have been submitted to CAMH REB

  • Waterloo-Wellington data sharing agreement has been finalized—awaiting CAMH institutional signature for full execution

  • After CAMH approval, need to amend: North Bay, Sudbury, Niagara, Waterloo-Wellington (once approved, still waiting on REB response to original submission)

  • Contract amendments to: North Bay, Niagara, Durham

  • Preparing Annual Renewal Submission for Sudbury REB


  • First ECHO session is August 27th

  • Reminders have been sent to the Hub and Spoke members for the photo consent form/bio and photo—will send a final reminder on Friday along with ECHO agenda.

  • Pre-survey has been built in REDCap and will be sent out prior to the ECHO session on Friday August 23nd

  • Case presentation for first ECHO session has been received from Tom—progress through the medication algorithm is blank but will be discussed in the session

  • Monthly satisfaction surveys have been created in REDCap—need to add objectives which Tom will send when he is back on Monday. Cheryl will add the objectives in REDCap once they have been received.

  • Tom also to send slides for first session when he is back on Monday—Dielle will circulate these if possible before the session, if not they will be posted on the chat and/or EPI-SET web portal for the first session.

  • Hiwot will help set up Zoom for the session and Maurey/Victoria from ECHO and Dielle will moderate

Training, Onboarding Materials and Documents

  • Sarah to confirm with trainers if the simulation and training can be done in day- sites have been inquiring about the training date as EPION has started to make travel arrangements for some of the members

  • HSN has requested a French version of the Posters, as per the HSN policy any ‘public facing’ information must be provided in both official languages—Sudbury

  • Alexia suggested that PSSP can help with translation and might be best to start with the 2 posters that are public facing (family/youth)

  • This might be an ongoing ask with the sites up north—at present only the NAVIGATE family manual is translated in Spanish. Will need to consider translation of handouts and NAVIGATE manuals to French


Feedback from the sites is that there are too many meetings. ex: the project meetings and the implementation meetings where they provide updates; sites think there is redundancy and are feeling overwhelmed with the frequency of meetings

Suggestions that emerged from the meeting:

  • Don’t include sites on the first meeting of the month; they can attend the 3rd meeting of the month

  • Restructure the 3rd meeting of the month to include 1) updates from PSSP, EPI-SET, SC 2) discuss issues from sites and troubleshoot 3) PSSP to provide updates on what’s coming forward and share SC agenda.

  • Consider having videoconference instead of tele-conference calls

  • Extend 3rd meeting from 45mins to 60mins

  • Continue sending invites for the project meeting so sites know they are welcome to attend if they want to.

  • Sarah and Alexia suggested grouping challenges in themes and creating and onboarding repository of issues that emerge. PSSP has created an excel sheet to track barriers with mitigation strategies

  • Dedicate 5mins of the SC meeting for implementation updates at the start of the meeting.

PSSP is working on a KE strategy for interested sits not funded by research–to be added to SC agenda in coming weeks.

How do we train new sites that are not part of research—do they get NAVIGATE LIGHT?

Nikki suggested that we compare sites receiving full NAVIGATE and NAVIGATE LIGHT. Would be important to track what each site is receiving.

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