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Steering Committee: April 10, 2019

In attendance: Dielle, Sarah, Nicole, Chelsi, Jasmyn, Janet, Catherine, Lillian, George

Action Items


  • Send edited contract back to Durham – Dielle

  • In-person training evaluation report – Chelsi to email Steve

  • Collect IRT pre-training recordings – Chelsi

  • Discussion of onboarding during Monday meeting – George and Sarah

  • Look into Waterloo-Wellington REB requirements – Chelsi/Jasmyn/Dielle

  • On-hold dates for all team member tele-conference call – Chelsi


  • Outlook invite for stand in meeting times for the Patient Measures and Outcomes Working Group ­­and update gov. structure – Jasmyn/Chelsi (done)

  • Send Service Measures and Outcomes outlook invite to Jasmyn for the purpose of meeting notes – Janet

  • Discussion around Anindita Bose to potentially take ECHO session minutes – George/Sarah

  • Email Sanjeev/Eva to see when the next ECHO facilitator training is – Chelsi

  • Follow up with PSSP to inquire about their project management tracking needs – Jasmyn




  1. Niagara fully executed

  2. Durham

  • Durham made some edits

  • Dielle/Jasmyn had meeting with CAMH legal with additional edits

  • Dielle to send contract back to Durham

CAMH REB Amendments

  • Two main edits were sent out this round; including participant/advisory group compensation and qualitative interviews to evaluate engagement within the advisory groups

  • All other amendments will be incorporated in the next round

In-person Training Evaluation

  • Another reminder was sent out last week via PSSP personnel. Still have 18 out of 24 responses.

  • Good response rate. No more reminders to be sent out as the sites should focus on the site readiness survey.

  • Steve to create report

Waterloo-Wellington Onboarding

  • We should start REB and contracts with the site

  • In progress: education modules with the NAVIGATE content. This won’t be ready in time to onboard the Waterloo-Wellington site.

  • Potentially use the pre-training IRT videos to start. Permission to record? Access?

  • Potentially having in-person training with smaller groups. Annual re-training for everyone?

  • Does original training vs. what we for this site have an impact on fidelity? Follow-up

  • We are not contractually obligated by the U.S. trainers to use them for future NAVIGATE training as we are adapting the content to fit a Canadian context. Later discussion regarding calling NAVIGATE something else as it will be within the Canadian context

  • Onboarding new staff within the existing sites as well

  • George and Sarah to discuss new CAMH staff onboarding

  • Using the in-person training evaluation results to guide training. Then re-administer training evaluation.

All Team Member Tele-Conference Call

  • Last call was January 22nd. Decision to have an all members call every 3 months for the start of the project.

  • Chelsi to send out on-hold dates for this call to the SC (end of April/beginning of May). Then send out a wider Doodle poll with all dates to the larger team.

  • Ensure that at least one member from every committee to attend to provide updates and progress.

Post-Training Calls

  • Take attendance and PSSP specialists to reiterate the importance of attendance as it is part of the NAVIGATE package

Patient Measures and Outcomes Working Group

  • Will meet bi-weekly Mondays from 1:00-2:00pm (reconsider to monthly later on)

  • Jasmyn to send outlook invite

Service Measures and Outcomes Working Group

  • Meets monthly (first Friday of every month from 1:00-2:00pm)

  • Janet to send invite to Jasmyn for the purpose of meeting notes

  • Using the Don Addington scale to assess fidelity with a tele-fidelity approach, then team members administering in-person chart reviews.

ECHO Project Planning Sessions

  • Sanjeev and Nicole to be co-leads

  • Anindita Bose to potentially take minutes for the purposes of recommendations

  • Chelsi to reach out to Sanjeev/Eva to see when the next facilitator training is

Tracking Project Management Tool

  • Jasmyn to follow up with PSSP to inquire about their needs

  • EPMO does not use a project management tool, only some staff use Microsoft Project, though CAMH does not have a license with them and it is likely more expensive than other tools

  • Asana

  1. $10 per person per month (over the course of 3 years, $10 000)

  2. No corporate account

  3. Free up to 15 people

  4. Jasmyn to send screen shot of how the research staff is currently using it

  5. Potential to have one ‘view-only’ account and then one account per committee lead to edit

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