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Implementation Committee: September 7, 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


Michael, Sandy, Nitha, Rakshi, Marleine, Shelly



· Presenting scores

· Check-ins



  • Sudbury presenting a case at October 14th ECHO

  • Discussed the upcoming scheduling of ECHOs

    • Nitha has resent the invitations by Outlook

    • Some people are wondering if it’s better to have sessions regularly on same days of the month so it’s easier for clinicians to plan in the calendar

    • Plan to discuss scheduling again with Sanjeev

2. Reporting results to participants at the end of study

  • Plan to discuss booking an upcoming ECHO session with Sanjeev re capacity building with clinicians

  • RAs plan to discuss next steps with George re joint reporting back sessions with site clinicians

3. Check-ins

Research Admin

- Provided WW with an overview of resource section of website. She plans to show them more contect on website at upcoming site meeting.

- Michael to email Nitha re training section of website.

- Anna has left the website revision project in CAMH Education and Stephanie S has said EPI-SET team should go ahead with changes to training pages

- They are aware there continues to be staffing challenges at Sudbury site – down to 1 out of 3 staff


- Niagara is onboarding two new staff soon; WW is onboarding one

- Michael to confirm site lists again with site leads

- Site Leads have been sent the new onboarding monitoring form and Michael plans to monitor use and usefulness. Aim is to make the process more collaborative and help in the completion of the material. Michael has asked Site Leads to do some active monitoring

- Jeff can help with editing training landing pages when he returns from vacation


-Team has gathered a lot of fidelity data and is continuing to process it

Action Items:

  • Nitha plans to address ECHO invitations and scheduling

  • Nitha, Michael and Jeff to continue to work on website updates, including training section

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