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Implementation Committee: August 24, 2022

Updated: Sep 15, 2022


Michael, Jeff, Josette, Shelly, Sandy, Emily, Carol


  • Check-in

  • Reporting scores to participants at end of participation in study

  • Updates


1. Check-in


  • No concerns

  • Having a student join EPI program in the fall from Kapaskasing


  • Very busy preparing for community outreach travel in North-West in Sept and Oct.

  • Fidelity assessment will also be taking place in the Fall


  • 96 participants enrolled in patient measure part of study with target of 100

  • willing to provide more updates on the website as requested


  • continuing to edit ECHO videos; 20-30 videos already edited

  • have been reviewing onboarding materials with Michael


  • a few new staff starting at sites in fall; will pilot onboarding checklist and monitoring form

  • further discuss sustainability initiatives in the fall


  • working on fidelity assessment reports

  • Thunder Bay fidelity assessment

    • Elise, the PSSP evaluator in Thunder Bay, will do chart extraction for Thunder Bay in early October (likely 2 full days).

    • Heather and Sandy will do interviews in early October.

    • Carol to let Sandy know if there are any privacy and/or confidentiality processes that need to be followed

  • Readiness Assessment

    • Aiming to re-release in September

    • Please encourage staff to fill out.

2. Reporting scores to study participants at end of two-year participation in the study

  • There will be a discussion on this topic at the Project Meeting on Sept 7.

  • The expectation of SC is that sites will provide the study’s patient measure scores to study participants at the end of participants’ involvement in the study, under the following conditions:

    • a participant accepts the offer made by the researchers to see their results at the end of the two-year study period

    • the participant is still a patient of a site.

  • SC views the study’s patient measures as similar or the same as measures that sites should already be administering to their patients as part of NAVIGATE measurement-based care.

  • SC is looking at hosting a capacity building session for site clinicians in the fall to educate site staff on the study’s patient measures and on how to report these scores back to their clients.

  • Carol said that Thunder Bay already performs measurement-based care and uses the majority of the study instruments as part of their regular measurement-based care procedures. Joy, their nurse practitioner, is the one who administers the instruments in their program. Carol plans to ask Joy if she’d like to attend the Project Meeting on Sept 7.

  • Josette thinks that Dr. Primeau uses some of the same instruments as the study measures but also administers a few others. She will ask Dr. Primeau if she’d like to attend the Sept 7 Project Meeting.

3. General updates and discussion

  • Update regarding changes to website: e.g., new resources, ECHO recordings.

    • Site is still under construction, so please pass feedback along to Nitha.

    • New resources may be valuable to clinicians and patients, such as e-NAVIGATE web-based resources for clients.

    • EPI-SET team is looking to continue to promote the website resources, such as at ECHO sessions and site visits.

    • Sandy wondered about having an “superuser” at each site so there is site-based knowledge about website resources.

  • Carol mentioned that her team did not have access to Bipolar e-learning and would like to. Michael said he’d look into this.

Action Items:

  • Michael to look into why Bipolar e-learning is not accessible to all site clinicians

  • Sandy to follow up with Thunder Bay regarding fidelity assessment

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