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Implementation Committee: August 3, 2022

Attendees: Michael, Sandy, Jeff, Nitha, Emily, Marleine


  • Website updates

  • Participants measures report

  • Check-ins:

    • Research

    • Implementation

    • Evaluation


  • website updates

  • Jeff has reviewed and has some suggestions regarding to make it more user-friendly. This includes removing out-of-date content on training pages. Nitha suggested connecting with Anna and Stephanie from Education re. training pages. Sandy suggested consulting with end users re. usability.

  • Jeff, Michael, and Nitha to meet to discuss next steps/how to approach/what is possible.

  • Participants measures report

  • Michael inquired whether it would be feasible to include graphs to help end-users visualize change over time. Emily thought it would involve more effort and time than research staff have available.


  • Research

    • Meeting booked with Sheeba, Durham site lead, re. participants from their site now that Durham has withdrawn from study.

    • Preparing for ECHO qualitative interviews. RAs receiving training. Planning to start in September.

    • REB amendments: Some issues in obtaining Sudbury signoff.

    • Sites other than Sudbury can now go ahead with readiness survey. However, Janet wishes to wait till REB amendments have been signed by all sites.

  • Implementation

    • Lauren Caruana has taken a new job as an Implementation/Project Manager at another organization and is no longer working on this project. Michael will be taking over her I.S. responsibilities for time being.

    • Michael and Lauren met with Sudbury team last week and reviewed all of the training and onboarding resources. Provided guidance on use of onboarding material.

    • Another Sudbury staff member has gone on leave. Currently only one of three staff members is working. Jolene is arranging coverage for this staff member.

  • Evaluation

    • Continuing to work on fidelity assessments. One consensus rating meeting remaining.

    • Now have NAV delivery tracking data from all sites except Thunder Bay.

    • Will be bringing fidelity assessment reports to steering committee prior to reviewing with sites.

    • Once fidelity assessment reports have been reviewed with sites and finalized, they will be shared with YAC and FAC.


  • Michael to reach out to Anna and Stephanie in Education to discuss training pages on

  • Michael to set up meeting with Nitha and Jeff to discuss ECHO pages on

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