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Implementation Committee: October 9, 2019

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

In attendance: Jen, Dayna, Jeff, Krista, Sandy, Anne-Marie, Mary, Sarah, Sheila, Dielle, Laura, George


ECHO Sessions

- PSSP will be putting out a schedule for sites for presenting a case at ECHO sessions

- Very important that sites attend ECHO sessions

Post Training Calls

- PSSP will create a schedule for site leads to attend post-training calls so that one site lead from the overall project is part of each call

- Krista attended the last IRT call and this call was more successful

- PSSP wants to create a post-training call survey to ensure that all pieces of the project are meaningful

Communication within the Project

- CAMH will send info to PSSP Implementation Specialists (IS), then PSSP IS will send information along to site leads


- Andrea (research analyst) will send a link to the handbook in the portal, also located under the training tab on the EPI-SET website:

- Clinicians should complete the required reading as soon as possible before the e-learning (which will hopefully be available the first week of November) and webinars (which will be during the second week of November)

o One webinar is mandatory for all clinicians

o Clinicians will also have to be on a 1 hour webinar for their specific intervention

Recruiting for Research

- George discussed using a link in order to refer clients for research

- A document outlining how to refer patients for research will be created

ACCESS Database

- PSSP IS have spoken with the forensic team at CAMH that uses a similar platform in addition to their EMR

- They find it very useful, so PSSP will continue to work on this

SEE Calls

- PSSP will be sending out calendar invites for the upcoming SEE calls soon

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