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Implementation Committee: October 23, 2019

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2019

In attendance: Dayna, Al, Kim, Janet, Jeff, Alexia, George, Laura

Action Items:

- Connect with Erin to discuss procuring a laptop for North Bay -Dielle


Housekeeping Items

- Website continually populated – including meeting minutes

- Dielle is working on a meeting breakdown

ECHO Sessions

- ECHO presentation schedule for sites has been developed and put on the website

- Implementation Specialists will remind sites when they are required to do their presentation


- Dielle and Laura will work on accommodations for one staff member at HSN

Pre-Training Webinars

- Webinars will be recorded for staff that are unable to attend them

- Information will be provided by PSSP to staff so they can view the webinars before the in-person training

Data Collection

- Want to send out the REDCap link so physicians can start referring patients for research

- Finalizing some safety items before data collection can start

- Dielle will be connecting with Erin (the manager at North Bay Regional Health Centre) regarding procuring a laptop for their site

ACCESS Database

- PSSP IS will work with sites regarding feasibility of the database

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