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Implementation Committee: November 6, 2019

Wednesday, November 6th, 2019

In attendance: Laura, Mary, Jeff, Dayna, George, Lauren, Sandy, Sarah

Action Items:

- Find out from prescribers how information regarding side effects is collected and where it is recorded – PSSP IS


- Sandy gave an update on the Access database

- Chatted with privacy officers and IT at sites, waiting for confirmation from privacy officers

- Information needs to be de-identified

Access Database

- Want to make a tab where clinicians can indicate the status of the client in terms of being asked about research

- Want to use the database to capture data as to how well Navigate is being implemented, clinicians already have a method of tracking other clinical information so this wouldn’t add much burden

IRT Form

- Want to change use of the term IRT enrolment, make it more specific to research

- Otherwise the form looks good

Family Education Form

- Want to change the term family enrolment to family engagement

- Otherwise family form is also good

Prescriber Form

- George mentioned that the information captured by prescribers is captured on paper as well as directly in the EMR

- George doesn’t think an extra form should be used for prescribers

- However he wants to know: Do patients fill out a side effect form? If so, where is that information captured?

Supported Employment and Education Program Form

- Want to log what person is doing when at a community partner to ensure all aspects of Navigate are being followed

- Don’t feel like job skills and activities need to be separated

- Education needs N/A option

- Want to emphasize longitudinal support even if person starts job/education program

- Extra notes section could be added

- May want to have common follow along supports as tick boxes, and don’t need the date

- More important to know whether follow along supports are being used rather than eaxctly what follow along supports are being used

Patient Measures Update

- Abanti will be sending out information later this week to IS including the Safety SOP and a link for clinicians to refer clients to research

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