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Implementation Committee: November 27, 2019

Wednesday, November 27th, 2019

In attendance: Lauren, Dayna, Al, Janet, Laura, Jeff, Sarah, Mary

Action Items:

- Email Dayna regarding when the post-training survey will be sent out– Laura

- Email Al and other PSSP IS about whether clinicians can mention reimbursement when advertising research – Laura

- Email trainers about changing the times for implementation calls –Dayna

- Send the document about ZOOM to PSSP-Laura


Patient Measures Updates

- Dayna has sent information about ECHO and the referral link to site leads and clinicians

- Durham will purchase their own security cable for their laptop and will be reimbursed by CAMH; Sheila is currently working on this

- Spoke about using ACCESS vs REDCap for the patient database at the Steering Committee meeting, George spoke at length about it, and we decided on using REDCap as it would make data collection easier

- We may need to revise contracts with sites

- This will be the best option in terms of supporting the sites with IT, and it is easier to build REDCap forms

- Al mentioned he met with Waterloo-Wellington, and they mentioned they could integrate this database into their EMR relatively easily, having something up and running by January

- Unfortunately there are no research funds for building processes in the sites’ EMR

- Sarah mentioned that we may want to simplify forms so clinicians can use them

Post-Training Calls Survey Results

- We may want to poll people at beginning of the calls to ask which topics should be focused on in the call

- We want to ensure that clinicians from all sites participate and speak on the calls, so they know it’s an expectation to be involved in the calls and so that the conversation is not all one sided

- We can avoid lunch hour calls, and instead try to schedule morning calls

- We can consider shortening the calls, and improve technology support for the calls

- We could spend some time briefing the trainers about each site

- We could email clincians for agenda items

- We could ask clinicians which modules they want extra information on

- We could give contact information about clinicians and sites to the trainers, or just ask them what information would be valuable for them

- It is standard to have calls every month, having less frequent calls wouldn’t be good from a training perspective

- We will wait to share the post-training calls survey results with sites until we have more of a plan regarding changes that will be made

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