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Implementation Committee: September 23, 2020

In attendance: Abanti, Dayna, Carol, Jeff, Josette, Al, Charlotte, Lauren, Sarah Bromley, George, Janet

Action Items:

- Schedule Melanie for next call with site leads, second week of Oct – Dayna

- Obtain site admission numbers from sites for next Project Team call – Dayna

- Follow up with sites on what need there is to discuss IRT materials at ECHO session – Dayna


Melanie Barwick Discussion has to be postponed because three sites send their regrets

Check-ins with Sites

- Going forward, can maybe split up check ins to 3 sites per call to better use time and accommodate all site needs; can split new/old sites or any way

Update from Thunder Bay:

- Getting ready for NAV launch first week of Oct; we have a launch party planned!

- Also prepping for the first fidelity assessment and examining how we will incorporate documents into our own EMR system

- Reviewing and examining how to integrate our roles into existing care pathway and adjusting roles for NAV

- Agreements have been signed in terms with the research program

- Dayna: we have a meeting with yourself, Joy, Dielle, and research team so they can have you guys oriented to research

Update from North Bay

- Most appointments on the phone or OTN, prefers OTN so they can share screen

- We have a few clients that have graduated in the program (in for 3 years) to make room for new ones because referrals are coming in

- NAV has become the norm for our clinicians

Site Admission Numbers for Research Referrals

- At each project team meeting we give an update on research referrals, we are interested in seeing how this contrasts with site admission numbers (e.g. number of referrals at each site); asking for monthly updates of site admissions for reporting at project team with research referral info

- Lauren: we have tracking sheeting for implementation with Sandy which is being populated so the admission numbers that would already be there – it’s data that we would be actively gathering anyway instead of an additional ask

- George: it may be a change in workflow and it may be an additional step, but I agree if we can integrate this with an existing process it might be easier to implement

Transition to the New Materials

- There are updated NAV materials we so we’ve been updating tools on how clinicians can use these materials; might be of use for ECHO but all based on site need and appetite for this kind of support

- Al: there is a meeting with WW this Friday to discuss the changes, they are the last site to start with the older versions and we didn`t want to introduce the new material right away; I can update you in a future call on what support we need

- Sarah: the changes are what was asked of the trainers from the group up to make sense in flow and importance; actual practical changes and edits, not having to relearn everything

- Carol: we are meeting with IRT clinicians and reviewing the changes with the manuals and at our launch we’re going to be implementing full force

- Josette: feedback here is good in terms of changes and easy to implement, we did get a bit of info and we haven’t had any struggles but I can revisit that and see if they want it

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