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Implementation Committee: October 14, 2020

In attendance: Brannon, Dayna, Lauren, Sheila, Kerri, Carol, Sandy, Janet, Kim

Action Items

- Discuss with Durham team what they want to hear about for Nov 6th session – Sheila

- Bring up Nov 6th Echo Session at Niagara Meeting - Brannon

- Provide documentation regarding site waiting lists for CAMH team – Dayna

- Update George/Brannon on what thunder bay is using to contact patients in their clinic- Carol/TB


Discussion regarding medication management ECHO session: Getting suggestion for sites regarding didactic presentation

- Sheila will discuss this with her team and get back to Brannon

- Sudbury Would like to know more about when SSRI’s are recommended and how this works with Antipsychotics. When can these be recommended and how can they deal with side effects.

- Brannon Will discuss this with Niagara at the Monday site visit.

- On an unrelated note, Thunder bay would like to get more info/training regarding how to use standardized instruments like the BPRS

Patient recruitment improvement discussion

o Looking for your suggestions regarding patient recruitment

o We have decided to begin submitting REB to allow us to text participants

o There is also some concern that participants are unwilling to answer to their phones

o Having clinician text participant to update them regarding an upcoming call from research

o There is also potential that they are just saying yes to appease clinicians

o In thunder bay it is common to reach participants via an IM service for example Whatsapp.

Discussion regarding how sites are using IRT handouts?

- How are you using them are you taking them from online?

o At Niagara they have notes and a focus on which module is needed if client writes on it and it is significant. Generally speaking we do not upload the notes unless its something significant written by a client on this.

o Durham does not upload these but will save important notes or questions that clients have

o Unsure what Slaight is doing with handouts George will check and get back to the team.

o Waterloo is using the IRT handouts by sending them to participants and Kim will get back to the team regarding how documentation is happy.

Site Check-ins: What is going well and where support can be provided.

o Waterloo is working on sending out the REB submissions, they are working with PSSP to ensure fidelity and they are better able to track how patients are doing. They are having trouble with referral volume many new referrals make it hard to implement IRT right away.

o Is Waterloo able to document how/when patients are approached regarding certain parts of care? Yes, there is documentation around this at waterloo which has been very helpful.

o Niagara have a number of really unwell clients they haven’t fully documented how care is delivered it is harder for them to document when care is offered but they could attempt to do so. They have a lot of unwell clients and this is making it hard to continue through.

o Durham Family group is starting up again in October and there is a huge waitlist of about 2 months. We are hoping to have this waitlist decrease as we have staff changing roles

o TB just recently launched and they are beginning to recruit hopefully sometime this week.

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